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Learn the moves to counter, and take control of the game.

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After the video, take our free interactive practice quiz and try 4-Move Checkmate yourself. Even if you don't visit our site regularly, you can get our posts delivered to your Email or RSS reader. Name required.

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Mail will not be published required. The exercises are here:. It makes it easier to play actively and develop a plan when you have enough space on the board. Unfortunately, our opponent is trying to do the same! And which piece is the most important for the decision of the game?

How To Win A Chess Match In Just 2 Moves

How do we bring him into safety? The most fundamental mistake in the opening which sadly many players make, is learning plenty of very complex move orders and playing them without actually understanding a thing about them! Do not only learn the opening moves off by heart. You must understand the plans and ideas behind the opening to be successful, and not just play the learned moves like a machine.

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It is far better to choose a few simple openings and understand them properly with all their intentions and plans. To give yourself the best chance of winning, you should try to choose an active opening. As mentioned before, having a plan results from understanding your chosen opening.

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Instead of making those random moves, take care that you play actively! Try to be active always and make moves meaningfully. And having a useful plan surely means that you have to think more than just one step ahead.

That means that you should try to to calculate and think for the long term — not just the next step. If you want to win at chess, you must be able to look ahead and train your imagination. Also, you should try to put your opponent under pressure by attacking his king. Additionally, the order in which White advances their f- and g-pawns could be alternated. Similar mating patterns can occur early in the game.

Win chess only in 4 moves !! सिर्फ 4 चालों में चेस जीतिए !!

For example, in 1. Qh5 , the basic Fool's Mate pattern is the same: a player advances their f- and g-pawns, which permits the enemy queen to mate along the unblocked diagonal. One such Fool's Mate is widely reported to have occurred in a possibly apocryphal game between Masefield and Trinka [1] which lasted just three moves: 1.

Nc3 f5?? It seems that Black has won the bishop , but now comes A similar trap occurred in a game published by Gioachino Greco in An opening called Owen's Defence today. Opening up a flight square for the king at f8 with Bg7 would have prolonged the game. White still wins with 7. Nf6 8.