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This is the ideal situation.

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If you have magic powers, how you see things working. Very important thing, you should be able to see it in your mind. Mission: This is what you need to do. For me is very simple: Accomplish your vision. What else you need to do man? Values: or limits. What you are willing to do and what not no matter the situation, the punishment or the reward.

Reality Goals: Once you are clear on your vision, what needs to happens for you to get there?

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Goal setting is key. Also, you do want to over pass goals that you can get easily and make progress right away.

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You need to setup your goals in a structured and reasoned way. More on goal setting in a forthcoming post. Strategy: This is how you are going to achieve that goal.

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For each goal you need a strategy. For example, if you need to find a job. What is your strategy? Showing Visitor Messages 1 to 10 of Last Jump to page:. About Utopia Basic Information. Age 39 About Utopia Biography: I am one of those depraved individuals who enjoys calculus, statistics and other forms of torture. Occupation: Irritated Scientist, Amazo-Mom.

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page:. Barbarism to Decadence - Adult. A 1x1 between Utopia and Ray Murata. Quantum's Homebrew Playtest. Fantasy Roleplay with a basic plot.

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Playtest with emphasis on PLAY. The Ruby Gate - Adult. The Gods seem to have something in store for the Ten Knights who wield the Holy Weapons, but the prophecies which could lend a clue to the path they must take, have long been lost. Do the Holy Sisters have the answers? What is the curse which is slowly covering the land? Only the Knights can find out. I like the incompetents at initial OOP. Originally Posted by Bishop. If would help if you had the full facts, but you dont so you should probably not worry about it.

That sounds condescending. I don't think it was meant that way at all, but it has that feel to me. Obviously you can't air private info, nor should you list many other types of things that might have been going on here.

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But alluding to other events without telling at least a bit more is going to get people prying, and conspiracy theories, and the whole 9 yards. Ugly fact of life that I'm sure you know better than I - being green means every word said is going to have meanings. I could totally be way too tired and making stuff up by accident. Last edited by xAmorphousx; at First of all, the acre bonus happens whether you sign in once a day or not so just getting rid of it because they got rid of the income bonus for their legit reasons is a tad silly since one has nothing to do with the other.


Second, there've been a lot of suggestions from some big forum names that have been shot down just like yours has. And some of those were actually good suggestions, done in a far less insulting way. I mean really. Way to handle this one champ. Third, what you lack in creativity is certainly made up for by your repetitive nature.

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I sincerely hope you enjoy the benefits of your misguide tenacity :. ITs like they made it more of a struggle to survive