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Chosen in Your love, woven by Your hand. Missionary turned prodigal in this land, Let him see in You the battle, though lost is won.

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Unknown becomes known; to the lash he awoke. Agony so deep; conceived by love so real.

Requiem for His Daughter: Franz Schmidt’s Lament

No forgiveness here. Her love dead from disappointment and pain. His heart wracked by anger, self-loathing and shame. But accusation is transformed as repentance looks sin in the face. For through the painful shards of brokenness, flow Your healing, redemption and grace.

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Note: A requiem is a traditional mass, usually musical, for the repose of the dead. Rebecca Irey is a lifelong writer and newly published author. She has been married for 22 years and mother to 7 beautiful children.

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  • She is a liturgical charismatic who loves to worship wherever she is. Why a requiem?

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    A reasonable question, especially as the family members, who live in Vermont, are not Roman Catholic, or even practicing Christians. Already working on the Kyrie! Dean is excited to give the project a boost by writing long blog posts about it on a website devoted to the requiem — posts that give the impression they are written by Caitlin herself. Kelly McQuail is excellent as the paradoxically genial leader of the group.

    We eventually meet Caitlin, whose growing insecurity and ambivalence as her composition draws so much attention is nicely etched by Ms.

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