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At the time, that meant caring for one of our children who was gravely ill. You can read more about that here.

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Somewhere deep inside I carried that seed of something more. Something big. Something God-ordained. That God would restore our son physically. And let me tell you, I dreamed in a big way! First, we must plow through the junk.

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And note —if you deal with chronic complainers or joy-stealers on a frequent basis, I have some thoughts for you. Remember my definition of dream? Need Encouragement? Your email address will not be published. Crimson Forest - This triggers automatically just before you exit the forest to head back to Numara.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Ghotza Coast - After getting your ship and landing here, this one triggers automatically. Tosca - Walk up to the man in front of the house on the right after the bridge. Tosca - After the last one, enter a building and exit, then head toward some people on the right side near the entrance of the town and it will trigger. Tosca Tolty's Inn - Just walk up to the second floor and it will trigger. I got it after the Sorceress' Mansion. The Black Cave - Take the first path forward and the first path on the left.

Walk up to the skeleton in the blue glow.

Did you get it?

Saman Audun's Item Shop - Talk to the first man inside the shop. Saman Boat - This one triggers automatically after you fight the creatures on the boat.

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Saman Main Street - After heading to the Inn and disbanding the group, talk to the man at the fruit stand by the big tree. Ghotza Low Town - One the left side of the town, this will trigger near two small boys next to a bridge.

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  • Refugee Camp - Walk down the main "street" and it triggers automatically in front of the sick tent. Refugee Camp - After the previous one, walk toward the campfire and it will trigger. Refugee Camp - Head into the sick tent and a new boy will be there.

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    Walk toward him to trigger this one. Uhra Main Street - As soon as you turn right onto the street you'll hit a group of people and this will trigger. Ipsilon Mountains North - Hug the left side of the path as you walk this section and it triggers near a tree that is a bit darker than the rest. Numara Main Street - Just head up the right side and it will trigger when you come near an old lady and a man talking.

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    Numara Canal Street - This will trigger near a fruit stand on the left side of this area. Numara Palace - After defeating the tanks outside the palace, this will trigger automatically.

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    Uhra Virno's Tavern - Talk to the guy on the second floor of the tavern. Not available until you talk to him to get dream 2.