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But she's determined to shed her image and show she has what it takes to run her family's empire. Old family friend and Greek From small-town girl Darrell Collier is an ordinary, small-town single mom. And when Alexandre Valleder sweeps into her life, she's determined not to be pressured into marriage by royal command!

Alex is a good ruler and a resp Ally Parker has come to Italy with questions about her past only Gino, Duc of Montefalco, can answer. Swept away to his magical country estate, Ally begins to fall in love with the brooding Italian duc. But will the secrets and sins of the past ke Rachel Valentine is the wine buyer for the Valentine family's exclusive Bella Lucia restaurants, and her relationship with master winemaker Luc Chartier should be strictly business Romanced by the beautiful Alsace vineyards, and seduced by the Their friendship was innocent, but Jarod's love grew secretly Lush flower-filled meadows dwarfed by towering snowcapped mountains -- the majestic beauty of Yellowstone is the perfect place for Gilly Bryson King.

She needs some peace and serenity after a tough few years So when Natalie's long-lost father, Tris Monbrisson, shows up Rachel swallows her feelings and puts her A year ago, Dominique had been facing the hardest battle of her life -- it had been a question of life or death. Everything had suffered -- but most of all her marriage. Now, after a year away, she's fit, healthy and happy again -- but the fight i Since its inception, the foundation has assisted approximately 17, families in locating missing children This is Maggie McFarland's life's work.

Yet each time she helps another family loc She has to act out one last scene with the costar she's fallen in love with. But it's a leap year and love is in the air! Will Reese decide she's going to risk all Was it post-vacation blues After a wonderful vacation in the Med with her sisters, Piper Duchess has come back to reality with a thud.

Her sisters are now happily married -- so Piper feels a little like the one left on the Kit Burke isn't who she thinks she is. According to her mother's deathbed confession, she was kidnapped from her real parents when she was a baby. Now she's on a mission to find out who she is -- the daughter of a convicted crimi Falling in love with a mediterranean aristocrat Olivia Duchess has found the man of her dreams and has decided to use The Husband Fund her father left her to make Luc de Falcon her groom.

All she has to do is persuade him to fall in love with h This Christmas grab a steamy mug of hot chocolate, wrap yourself in a cozy blanket and join some of Harlequin's bestselling authors in three delicious tales of home and holidays. Curl up with Helen Bianchin's tale of a woman who returns home to fi They've never heard of anything so ridiculous -- so they've spent it on a holiday t Samantha Bretton was seventeen when she got pregnant.

It was the most confusing time of her life, when outside pressures helped her to see that she was too young to raise a child and too young to get married to Nick Kincaid. When Nick took their b The billionaire's pregnancy proposition! Andrea is about to lose her last chance to have a baby -- and so is stunned when her sexy boss, businessman Gabe Corbin, suggests he can help her become a mother!

Now they have six months to conceive -- and The sweetest little boy Leslie Hopkins's heart goes out to Cory Gallagher, a six-yearold boy who lost his mother over a year ago. She delights in her new job as his nanny and is ecstatic when the boy starts to warm up to her. She hurts only whe A Mediterranean marriage! Mallory Ellis is facing the ultimate dilemma. Mediterranean aristocrat Rafael D'Afonso is offering her the family she's always wanted. But can she risk giving up her high-flying career for the chance of motherhood, when a A most unlikely wife Hallie Linn can't fall in love with gorgeous millionaire Frenchman Vincent Rolland -- it's too complicated, too difficult, it will change her life forever.

Vincent, too, has reasons for not getting involved with Hallie, When Michelle Howard finds herself agreeing to nurse Zak Sadler for the next month, she's not sure what she's let herself in for! Michelle is reluctant to get so close to this sexy new Zak, whom she hasn't seen for two years. Any relationship with Za Manhattan millionaire Payne Sterling is used to being in the public eye, but his notoriety goes too far when he sees his picture on a succession of new romance novels!

Payne has never posed for any portrait, so he's determined to track down the artis Wealthy, womanless and temporarily at loose ends, Formula One race-car driver Rick Hawkins finds himself in Texas visiting his newly married father. While he's there, he becomes involved with his stepmother's family -- especially her twenty-eight-yea She's the only woman he's ever loved Riley Garrow is the ultimate bachelor--he's always had a string of glamorous women on his arm.

Only one woman has ever turned him down and he's been determined to pursue her ever since Nicco Tescotti is drop-dead gorgeous, but this eligible prince needs to marry for duty, and he still hasn't found a suitable wife. So he decides to buy a bride. Only, his wedding ultimatum unexpectedly produces two potential candidates -- and they're Nate Hawkins was a close friend of fellow air force pilot Scott Pierce. But he concealed one fact from Scott: Nate was in love with Scott's wife, Laurel. Now Scott is dead -- and Laurel is obviously pregnant. But the timing's off, and as far as Nate' When Terri Jeppson is informed that her ex-husband is desperately ill, she rushes to his aid.

It's not until she gives him a therapeutic massage -- on doctor's orders -- that she realizes the man at her fingertips isn't her ex at all. He's an incredi Philippe and Kellie Didier have been blissfully married for just a month when a revelation blows their world apart. A woman Philippe once knew, before he met Kellie, claims he is the father of her child.

What's more, the innocent baby now needs a hom Raoul D'Arillac has, as the heir to the throne, been betrothed to a stranger since he was born. But as his arranged wedding approaches, he realizes he's fallen for another woman. Yet schoolteacher Lee Gresham doesn't have a drop of royal blood She can't remember her husband -- or her son "You're my mom!

His mother, Susan Corbitt, is presumed dead, although her body was never found, a Dimitrios Pandakis has vowed that, unlike his older brother, he will never be trapped into marriage.

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And this millionaire businessman has been so true to his word that -- despite his reputation as a heartbreaker -- he has yet to take a woman to bed! As true as the stars above? Dana Turner is an astronomer; she's also an ex-convict. Deliberately framed for a murder she didn't commit, she spent seven months in prison. On her release, she came to Texas to work at an isolated little observatory in Treating Heather Sanders after an accident, Dr. Raul Cardenas ran a routine pregnancy test -- and was amazed at the result.

And he had no need to ask who the father was because he already knew Raul was determined to claim h The husband deal was over Stefanie had been the ideal temporary wife to powerful Gabe Wainwright. Only, now that their one-year contract was up, he found himself strangely reluctant to stop being her husband Stefanie knew Gabe was a ma Everyone should have a friend like Heidi Ellis.

Dana Turner does. Dana's in prison for a murder she didn't commit -- and Heidi's determined to find out who did, determined to see Dana set free. But she has no idea how to go about it. Then, like It took a baby to bring them together Max Jamison had been a good cop, and now he was a good P. Still, it shook him to be faced with what seemed to be a replay of his past -- a baby depending on him for rescue!

And his only ally was "The Blac FBI agent Max Calder is working undercover to bring down a Russian Mafia ring, which is running an elaborate scam staging accidents and bilking insurance companies. He's disguised as a Russian immigrant, Anatoly Kuzmina, and has successfully -- or so Zane Broderick couldn't believe it. The bundle he had found in the snow was a baby! He rushed the little boy to hospital and straight into nurse Meg Richins's arms Surrounded by babies all day, Meg longed for children.

When Zane Broderick bro He had a son! Alik Jarman has only just met his six-week-old son -- and he isn't going to let him go now! Even though the baby's mother broke his heart less than one year ago Blaire never told Alik the real reason she called off their weddi Hannah Carr had never dreamed she would meet a gorgeous billionaire like Dominic Giraud -- let alone marry one!

But when Dominic discovered how much Hannah wanted to adopt her sister's baby, he whisked her away for a whirlwind wedding. Dominic had In Montana, Brooke has sworn off love. And so has the sheriff she's forced to call in after she rescues an abandoned child, who has never even heard of Christmas. Instant mom, instant dad, and instant romance for Sarah's First Christmas To love, honor Ten years ago, Janet had been devastated when Wade Holt announced that their wedding was off! A jealous friend had spread lies about Janet having been unfaithful Janet was stunned.

Wade had always been the only man A twin sister -- who's in love with the man she loves When Catherine Casey falls in love with David Britton, she's sure her life has just become perfect. She's got a successful career, a wonderful adoptiv Intimacy with him was strictly forbidden! But perhaps this was half Andre's charm. She could spend as much time with him as she liked -- and e A pregnant woman without a husband.

A family without a father. And a mysterious stranger who wants to be both She's the pregnant mother of two children. She's also a recent widow, still mourning the death of her husband, who died before sh What have you resolved to do by the year ? Get even. Rachel Maynard's resolution is to marry Nikos Athas. Six years ago, he'd rejected Rachel - but now she's determined to have the satisfaction of making him want her.

Newly beautiful, newly s The baby surprise Diana Rawlins has turned up at the hospital with amnesia and a baby in her arms! She doesn't remember how either of them happened. Her husband, Cal, is determined to get to the bottom of the mystery--especially since one of th Whitney Lawrence is determined to find the man who seduced her eighteen-year-old sister and left her pregnant.

So, going undercover on the same school trip her sister took, she sets a seduction trap! Her immediate suspect is Hank Smith, the gorgeous Rand Dumbarton had proposed to Annabelle Forrester, but their courtship had ended when he tried to make her give up her job as a private eye. So she is shocked when he turns up a year later as a client - who needs her to pose as his bride. She's pregnant - and she has to tell him. Deborah Solomon is deeply in love with Ted Taylor, and he gave her every reason to believe he loved her, too.

But he broke off their engagement for reasons she doesn't understand, reasons he won't exp Cynical millionaire Perseus Kostopoulos is no Prince Charming - his Greek-god features are marred by a two-inch scar above his jaw. But Samantha can't help but find her boss attractive, especially when, in return for a simple favor, he offers to gran Cord and Ashley McKnight are proud to announce the birth of their son Cabe.

Weight: Nine pounds, four ounces Height: twenty-three inches long The doctors had told Cord McKnight he would never father a child. The doctors had been wrong. For on h Secrets and lies Rickie Taylor has just learned a devastating secret about her family's wealth.

It's tainted because of what her grandfather did. Not only that, he may still be alive--and in hiding. Jordan Browning, ex-Navy Seal, is keeping She's his client Roman Lufka is a rough, tough private investigator. He's been hired to protect Brittany Langford. The easiest way to be by her side, twenty-four hours a day, is to go undercover-as Brittany's husband Jill Barton loves her role as a stand-in mom for five-year-old Kip.

She wanted a husband Lacey West's biological clock wasn't so much ticking as sounding alarm bells. And then Max Jarvis moved in to her apartment block. Six feet two inches of prime bachelor--the perfect male, except for one thing He didn' Laura Donetti knows two things: Her marriage to Tony Donetti is over.

And she's having his baby. Zach Wilde first meets Laura while Tony is off seducing another woman. Zach is disgusted with Tony Donetti. And protective of Laura. He also fe Luca della Provere was all Gabriella Holt had ever wanted in a man and more -- tall, dark and devilishly handsome. Gaby had taken one look into his eyes and fallen -- hard.

But it hadn't taken her long to discover that Luke was well and truly out of During Desert Storm, Rosie Armstrong's husband went off to war. He didn't return. She was told that he was missing in action -- and presumed dead. For years, she couldn't accept that Nick was dead, couldn't believe it.

But she It wasn't just trouble that came in threes Despite her amnesia, Tracey can't forget one thing--the devastating secret that forced her to run out on Julien Chappelle four days after their honeymoon.

She wants a divorce. Julien wants his wife bac The rancher and the runaway. Who would ever have guessed that Kit Mitchell's guardian angel would have been wearing spurs? But rancher Jarod Banning had saved Kit's life, offering her what she needed most -- a place to hide from her stalker Tessa Marsden. Her marriage was a mistake; her son, Scotty was not. She loves her child with all her heart and soul. She's tried hard to make the marriage work, but this is a marriage that can't be saved.

She knows now that she has to get out - befor Bad Man Wanted! Xan Harrington wanted a man who'd love her for herself rather than her fortune. Fate had brought her to the Bad River. Or, more accurately, she had thrown a dart at her map of the U. Jonah Sinclair was writing to tell her of his imminent arrival in Denver! But she realized it was too late to do anything about this mail mix-up when a sexy stran An adventurer.

A man who'll respect and cherish the woman in his life. Olivia Woodbury doesn't think such a man exists -- not in the twentieth century, anyway. Is that Rachel longed for a baby of her own but, since there seemed lit Abby Clarke discovers she's pregnant - with no husband, no job and no immediate prospects. But like the answer to a prayer, her twin sister Kellie comes to her rescue. Kellie, recently married, insists Abby go to her husband's ranch in Montana fo Of loving a married man Nickie's been in love with Miguel Aldabe--secretly, hopelessly in love--for as long as she can remember.

Hopelessly because Miguel, who belongs to Nevada's close-knit Basque community, has been trapped in an arra Have you ever seen a real, live mermaid? Andrew Cordell has! For a few moments, anyway. It happened while he was diving in the Bahamas. And it changed his life. Andrew, a powerful and charismatic state governor had been emotionally devastated A man who's placed his trust in land, not love. Alexandria Duncan - She's a hardworking small-time busine She'd helped to convict him -- but was he innocent?

Andrea Meyers was on the jury that convicted prominent New Mexico stockbroker Lucas Hastings of defrauding his clients. She was never comfortable with the verdict, though; the case against him wa Kit Spring and Rafael de Mendez wanted to have their wedding at his family's estate in Spain.

Instead, the ceremony took place in a hospital room in Idaho, with Rafael about to undergo emergency surgery. To Kit's profound relief, lie survived the ope Forbidden love? They'd grown up as family, although there were no blood ties between them. Kathryn and Wade had always shared an emotional kinship that grew more intense with each passing year. An affinity that grew into passion But because The Bride objected. The Groom insisted. The Wedding was for the children's sake. Bringing home the wrong baby-a one-in-a-billion chance. Yet Cassie Arnold's sister, Susan, was convinced it had happened to her.

After Susan's death, Cassie felt oblige Besides, the only "dark stranger" she'd met lately was the overbearing Nick Antonovic, whose son Branko had developed a f There was no wedding Two years earlier, Emma Wakefield's fiance had disappeared without a trace. Emma never really recovered from losing Raoul Villard, but she tried to resume a normal life.

She went on to finish her veterinary studies and had Too many secrets, too many lies Jennifer O'Brien, heiress to the O'Brien restaurant empire, was determined to throw off her reputation as a self-indulgent socialite. So she changed her life--and her name. She became Jenny Connelly, trainee mana Had he betrayed her people? Courtney Blake valued her Miccosukee heritage deeply. Although she lived in Miami, she frequently visited the Everglades to see her mother's family, who still adhered to the tribe's old ways. Now Courtney was running A pretend princess; a real love story Peter and Michael Wolfe, aged eight and five, desperate wanted to win a day with their beloved Story Princess.

So Peter wrote her a letter Domini Loring, who played the Story Princess for a Seattle tele Some fires burn out of control. Firefighters call them "fully involved. She'd never stopped loving him, ev He was still the Vance Anson who'd created a successful mining empire in Kenya, still the loving husband whose kisses promised suc Catherine Dalton has come to Italy to meet her family and she's quickly swept away into an exciting new life - starting with gorgeous, brooding Italian, Alessandro Lucchesi, who steals her breath We use cookies to ensure the best user experience at FictionDB.

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By continuing to browse our site you are agreeing to our use of cookies per our User Agreement. Book List: titles. The Right Cowboy. Roping Her Christmas Cowboy. Whisked Away by Her Sicilian Boss. Cowboy Doctor. Made for the Rancher. A Valentine for the Cowboy. Her Texas Ranger Hero. The Texas Ranger's Family. The Billionaire's Baby Swap. The Texas Ranger's Nanny. His Princess of Convenience. A Wedding for the Greek Tycoon. The Texas Ranger's Bride. The Millionaire's True Worth. A Montana Cowboy. The Renegade Billionaire.

The New Cowboy. Taming the French Tycoon. At the Chateau for Christmas. A Cowboy's Heart. Becoming the Prince's Wife. Expecting the Prince's Baby. In a Cowboy's Arms. The Greek's Tiny Miracle. Marry Me Under the Mistletoe. Her Wyoming Hero. Home to Wyoming. A Marriage Made in Italy. The Wyoming Cowboy. Along Came Twins Baby Out of the Blue. Christmas in Texas. Harlequin American Romance - The Count's Christmas Baby. The Texas Ranger's Reward. The Rancher's Housekeeper. The Marshal's Prize. A Bride for the Island Prince. The Seal's Promise. A Christmas Refuge.

A Texas Ranger's Christmas. Snowbound With Her Hero.

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Her Italian Soldier. Ranger Daddy. Fatherhood Harlequin American Romance - Her Desert Prince. The Nanny and the CEO. The Bachelor Ranger. Creature Comforts Harlequin American Romance - Santa in a Stetson. Accidentally Pregnant! The Greek's Pregnant Bride. Michelle Smart. The Secret Wedding Dress. Ally Blake. Melissa James. Liz Fielding. Having Her Boss's Baby. Melanie Milburne. A Rumoured Engagement. Catherine George. Natasha Oakley. Doorstep Twins. Second Chance Baby. Raye Morgan. Janice Maynard.

Annie West. Scorsolini Baby Scandal. Lucy Monroe. Jennifer Greene.

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Tara Pammi. Too Close for Comfort. Heidi Rice. Her Wish-List Bridegroom. Melissa McClone. Bond Of Hatred.

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Lynne Graham. Miracle for the Girl Next Door. Angel Of Darkness. Cruel Conspiracy.

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Helen Brooks. Baby on the Ranch. The Man with the Money. Lynn Raye Harris. Pregnant by the Millionaire. Carole Mortimer. Snowbound with Her Hero. Emma Darcy. The Bride in Blue. Miranda Lee. Gina Wilkins. Dani Collins. Patricia Thayer. More than a Convenient Marriage? Jennie Lucas. The Trophy Wife. Janette Kenny. Jackie Braun. The Lone Wolfe. Kate Hewitt. Harlequin Romance June Box Set. Undercover Baby. Linda Warren. Harlequin Romance November Box Set. Caitlin Crews. Donna Alward. Harlequin Romance February Box Set.

Trish Morey. The Italian Tycoon and the Nanny. Maxine Morrey. Nancy Warren. Christmas Proposals. Margaret Way. Kate Hardy. A Bride for the Island Prince. Sharon Kendrick. Accidentally Pregnant! The Italian Playboy's Secret Son.