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United States Championship -- Ricochet defeated Samoa Joe c via pinfall to win the title: The young superstar managed to slip out of a Coquina Clutch attempt by escaping over the top rope before delivering his finisher to earn the pin.

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SmackDown Tag Team Championship -- Daniel Bryan and Rowan c defeated Heavy Machinery via pinfall to retain the titles: Bryan, who got a babyface reaction from his home crowd despite having turned a shade evil, Bryan, despite scoring the pinfall on Tucker, sneaked a rollup on Tucker to steal the victory.

WWE Championship -- Kofi Kingston c defeated Dolph Ziggler by escaping through the door to retain the title Steel Cage Match : Kingston appeared to have the accidentallt won the match when Ziggler super kicked him into the open door of the steel cage.

Universal Championship -- Seth Rollins c defeated Baron Corbin via pinfall to retain the title: With the special guest referee being introduced as being none other than Becky Lynch nemesis Lacy Evans, the match saw Evans playing the role of heel referee exactly as intended with late pinfall counts, and changed stipulations twice to no countout and then no disqualification in an effort to aid Corbin win the championship.

Evans even connected with a low blow on Rollins until Lynch ran ringside and took her out of action. Rollins connected with a superkick and a Stomp on Corbin for the win. I agree to receive emails from News18 I promise to vote in this year's elections no matter what the odds are.

DGCA grounds 12 pilots operating the six flights, starts issuing show cause notices

Please check above checkbox. More examples There should be no discrimination on the grounds of colour. Do you have any grounds for complaint? The accused pleaded not guilty on grounds of diminished responsibility.

He refused to say anything on the grounds that he might incriminate himself. She is suing the company on grounds of unfair dismissal. Thesaurus: synonyms and related words Motives and reasons cause 1 causeless drive first principles hidden agenda impulse in the name of sth idiom inclination justification mainspring motivation motive name object peg rationale reason should wherefores why.

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More examples The debate is becoming polarized and there seems to be no middle ground. I think you're on very shaky ground with that argument. He's annoying to argue with because he keeps shifting his ground. The party has watered down its socialist ideals in order to appeal to the centre ground. We covered a lot of ground in the first few weeks of the course. Thesaurus: synonyms and related words Things remaining and all the rest idiom balance bastion cremains cutpiece dregs leave lee relic remainder remains remnant residual residue rest rump throwback time capsule vestige wreckage.


Thesaurus: synonyms and related words Squeezing and grinding compression concertina constrict constriction crush depress gnash your teeth idiom mash mill nip pinch pound pulp pulverization pulverize scrunch snap squash squish tamp. You can also find related words, phrases, and synonyms in the topics: Air travel: travelling by aircraft. Most phobias are grounded in childhood experiences. See also well grounded.

Idiom in on the ground floor. See also battleground. They were running themselves into the ground. Need a translator?

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