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Salt Lake Magazine September/October by Salt Lake Magazine - Issuu

Silence in the Sage by Colleen L. Llama Lady by VeraLee Wiggins. Shores of Promise by Kate Blackwell. Indy Girl by Brenda Bancroft.

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Gone West by Kathleen Karr. Whispers in the Wilderness by Colleen L. Rebar by Mary Carpenter Reid. Mountain House by Mary Louise Colln. Beyond the Searching River by Jacquelyn Cook. From The Heart by Sara Mitchell. Dream Spinner by Sally Laity. The Promised Land by Kathleen Karr.

Sweet Shelter by VeraLee Wiggins. When Comes the Dawn by Brenda Bancroft. Drums of Shelomoh by Yvonne Lehman. Rainbow Harvest by Norene Morris. Perfect Love by Janelle Jamison. Search for Tomorrow by Mary Hawkins. Veiled Joy by Colleen L. Dakota Dream by Lauraine Snelling. Tender Journeys by Janelle Jamison. Shores of Deliverance by Kate Blackwell. Yesterday's Tomorrows by Linda Herring. Dance in the Distance by Kjersti Hoff Baez. Tapestry of Tamar by Colleen L. Midnight Music by Janelle Burnham Schneider. Treasure of the Heart by JoAnn A. A Light in the Window by Janelle Jamison.

Free to Love by Doris English. More Than Conquerors by Kay Cornelius. Picture Perfect by Susan Kirby. The Willing Heart by Janelle Jamison. Crows' Nests and Mirrors by Colleen L. Angel Face by Frances Carfi Matranga. Autumn Love by Ann Bell. Dakota Dusk by Lauraine Snelling. Rivers Rushing to the Sea by Jacquelyn Cook. Between love and loyalty Hearstong Presents by Susannah Hayden. A New Song by Kathleen Yapp. Destiny's Road by Janelle Jamison. Song of Captivity by Linda Herring.

Music in the Mountains by Colleen L. Heartbreak Trail by VeraLee Wiggins. An Unwilling Warrior by Andrea Shaar. Proper Intentions by Dianne Christner. Southern Gentleman by Yvonne Lehman. Heart's Desire by Paige Winship Dooly. Lamp In Darkness by Connie Loraine. Pocketful of Love by Loree Lough. Contagious Love by Ann Bell. Cater to a Whim by Norma Jean Lutz. Sign of the Eagle by Kay Cornelius. Iditarod Dream by Janelle Jamison. To Be Strong by Carolyn Scheidies.

Sign of the Dove by Kay Cornelius. Flower of Seattle by Colleen L. Beauty for Ashes by Becky Melby. River of Peace by Janelle Burnham. If Given a Choice by Tracie J. Circle of Love by Alma Blair. Ragdoll Heartsong Presents by Kelly R. Pioneer Legacy by Norene Morris. Lofty Ambitions by Dianne Christner. Inspired Love by Ann Bell. Callie's Mountain by Veda Boyd Jones. Captives of the Canyon by Colleen L. Between the Memory and the Moment by Susannah Hayden. The Quiet Heart by Rae Simons. Farther Along the Road by Susannah Hayden. Flickering Flames by Connie Loraine. Love's Tender Gift by Elizabeth Murphy.

Mountain Man by Yvonne Lehman. Misplaced Angel by VeraLee Wiggins. Search for Yesterday by Mary Hawkins. A Matter of Security by Kay Cornelius. Love in the Prairie Wilds by Robin Chandler. Lost Creek Mission by Cheryl Tenbrook. The Road Home by Susannah Hayden.

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Nepali Noon by Susannah Hayden. Eagles for Anna by Catherine Runyon. Her Father's Love by Nancy Lavo. Friend of a Friend by Jill Richardson. Retreat to Love by Nancy N. Flower of Alaska by Colleen L. Uncertain Heart by Andrea Boeshaar. A Kindled Spark by Colleen L. Small Blessings by DeWanna Pace. From Ashes to Glory by Bonnie L. Compassionate Love by Ann Bell. Wait for the Morning by Kjersti Hoff Baez. Dreams Fulfilled by Linda Herring. Eagle Pilot by Jill Stengl. Watercolor Castles by Ranee McCollum.

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Tomorrow's Rainbow by VeraLee Wiggins. Tulsa Trespass by Norma Jean Lutz. Black Hawk's Feather by Carolyn R. Odyssey of Love by Melanie Panagiotopoulos. Hawaiian Heartbeat by Yvonne Lehman. Song of the Dove by Peggy Darty. Thief of My Heart by Catherine Bach. Finally, Love by Jill Stengl. Edge of Destiny by Darlene Mindrup. Wings of the Dawn by Tracie J. Bridget's Bargain by Loree Lough. Treasure of the Keys by Stephen A. Emma's Orphans by Loree Lough. Faith Came Late by Freda Chrisman. Glowing Embers by Colleen L. The Lady Rose by Joyce Williams. Valiant Heart by Sally Laity.

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Seasons by Gail Gaymer Martin. Maid of Honor by Carolyn R. Song of the Cimarron by Kelly R. Call of the Mountain by Yvonne Lehman. Piano Lessons by Gail Sattler. Silent Stranger by Peggy Darty. Prize Package by Catherine Runyon. The Reluctant Bride by Helen Spears. Out of the Darkness by Dianna Crawford. Sealed with a Kiss by Loree Lough. Faith in the Great Southland by Mary Hawkins. Love Remembered by Ann Bell. Born for This Love by Brenda Bancroft. Hope in the Great Southland by Mary Hawkins.

Fortress of Love by Melanie Panagiotopoulos. Country Charm by DiAnn Mills. Love in the Great Southland by Mary Hawkins. Gone Camping by Gail Sattler. A Tender Melody by Birdie L. Stranger's Bride by Denise Hunter. Dreaming of Castles by Gail Gaymer Martin. Hidden Trails by Janelle Burnham Schneider. Behind The Mask by Lauralee Bliss.

Escape by Kathleen Paul. Time for a Miracle by Jill Stengl. Drink from the Sky by Darlene Mindrup. Ozark Sunrise by Hannah Alexander. Somewhere a Rainbow by Yvonne Lehman. Birdsong Road by Mary Louise Colln. Texas Rose by Debra White Smith. Double Take by Terry Fowler. Thanks to a Lonely Heart by Elaine Bonner. Wild Tiger Wind by Gayle Buck.

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Frieda's Song by Kathleen Scarth. Mark of Cain by Darlene Mindrup. Never a Bride by Denise Hunter. Southern Sympathies by Andrea Boeshaar. Lisa's Broken Arrow by Rosey Dow. Texas Angel by Debra White Smith. Dance from the Heart by Louise Tucker Jones. Grant Me Mercy by Jill Stengl. Lessons in Love by Nancy Lavo. Familiar Strangers by Gina Fields. Love Abounds by Ann Bell. C for Victory by Joan Croston. Healing Sarah's Heart by Tammy Shuttlesworth.

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Remnant Of Light by Melanie Panagiotopoulos. Sweet Spring by Marilou H. Pride and Pumpernickel by Aisha Ford. Secrets Within by Gail Gaymer Martin. Crane's Bride by Linda Ford. Talking for Two by Wanda E. Risa's Rainbow by Andrea Boeshaar. Hidden Treasures by Jeri Odell. Tarah's Lessons by Tracey V. Beacon of Truth by Pamela Griffin. Carolina Pride by Terry Fowler. Bittersweet Bride by Denise Hunter. Extreme Grace by Tish Davis.

Sonoran Star by Nancy J.

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Unexpected Delivery by Cathy Marie Hake. Hand Quilted with Love by Joyce Livingston. The Heart Knows by Elaine Bonner. Ring of Hope by Birdie L. Maggie's Mistake by Colleen Coble. Sonoran Sweetheart by Nancy J. An Unexpected Surprise by Rosey Dow. Mended Wheels by Ann Bell. Flames of Deceit by Rosey Dow. Charade by Priscilla Humphrey.

Great Southland Gold by Mary Hawkins. Whole in One by Alisha Ford. Sonoran Secret by Nancy J. Happily Ever After by Melanie Panagiotopoulos. Cords of Love by Lynn A. Trunk Of Surprises by Diann Hunt. Dark Side of the Sun by Rachel Druten. His Christmas Angel by Gail Sattler. Past the Ps Please by Yvonne Lehman.

To Walk in Sunshine by Sally Laity. Precious Burdens by Cathy Marie Hake. Licorice Kisses by DiAnn Mills.

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Lucy's Quilt by Joyce Livingston. The Neighborly Thing by Wanda E. Red River Bride by Colleen Coble. Be My Valentine by Joyce Livingston. Angel's Roost by Janet Spaeth. Raining Fire by Lynn A. Laney's Kiss by Tracey V.

In Search of Love by Christine Lynxwiler. Precious Jewels by Nancy J. Lizzie Heartsong Presents, No. Term of Love by Myrtlemay Pittman Crane. Viking Honor by Darlene Mindrup. Emily's Place by Tracey V. A Storybook Finish by Lauralee Bliss. Two Hearts Wait by Freda Chrisman. Double Exposure by Sally Laity. The Summer Girl by Andrea Boeshaar.

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North Dakota [E Goddard]. Horsemen of Cross Roads Farm. New Jersey Heartsong Trio. Wyoming Brides [S P Davis]. Newport, Rhode Island Series. Alaska [S P Davis]. Mysteries in Time Series. South Dakota Brides Series. North Carolina Brides Series. Joseph Matthew "Matthew" Dennis. Kimetra Fountain "Kim" Penn. Related events American Revolution. Sinking of the Titanic. Helpers smithli , SimoneA 8 , JenniferRobb 2. Alas my love by Tracie Peterson. Behind The Mask by Lauralee Bliss. Never a Bride by Denise Hunter. Almost Twins Heartsong Presents, No.

Yesteryear by Gloria Brandt. Pride and Pumpernickel by Aisha Ford. Cords of Love by Lynn A. Licorice Kisses by DiAnn Mills. All items are priced at a fraction of their original price with some having the original tag still attached. The Name Droppers concept is simple, "If you no longer wear it, why not consign it and make money from your past purchases that are still in like-new condition?

Now that Name Droppers has its outlet store on Parley's Way, there are even more ways to save. The clothing and accessories at this store are. However, not all merchandise makes it to the outlet. Women who shop Name Droppers on a regular basis know the stock changes daily and they want to have first chance at it. These same women will even tell another shopper who is trying to decide whether to buy an item or not, "If you like it, you better buy it now. Because if you come back later today it won't be here.

These conversations tickle Tiffany. Tiffany can truly be called a fashion visionary, she introduced her vision to Salt Lake and the fashion community embraced her. Now, local distilleries are setting the standards for artisanal spirits, one copper kettle at a time. What is surprising is how quickly the local movement here embraced micro-distilleries. Now more and more Utahns are turning their hand to the ancient art of making alcohol. Their palette is a proprietary mix of dried juniper berries, coriander, orris root, grain of paradise and rose petals, along with fresh lemon zest and sage.

How much of this do you add, and how much of this? The opportunity for creativity is why the friends—who bonded over drinking tequila in the desert—chose to distill a complex gin instead of the simpler vodka. Instead, they grind their spices and herbs at their warehouse distillery in South Salt Lake. Gin, says Ostling, is due for a resurgence. He steeps four of the botanicals in the neutral grain spirit overnight and then infuses the rest in the vapor trail of the gallon still.

The result is not as astringent and juniper-dominated as mainstream gins and has a flavorful, floral finish. Local bartenders are finding it an easy liquor to mix with: The trio is experimenting with aging the gin in chardonnay barrels brought back from Napa, expecting to release a limited amount of an ambertinged, sweet and spicy spirit this fall. Shake vigorously then strain into stemmed cocktail glass and garnish with lemon wedge.

This page, clockwise from left: The Beehive still; distiller Chris Barlow prepares to bottle gin; chardonnay barrels for future aging. While helping launch a restaurant in Boston, the Utah native drank a different version of a Bloody Mary every morning for six weeks. And while learning the bartending business, he experimented with combining different flavors for the perfect drink—a liquid version of the TV show Chopped. He understood the best base for his drinks was a smooth, neutral tasting vodka and decided he wanted to make his own in his home state.

Strain into a collins glass over fresh ice and top with a full bodied ginger beer. Garnish with fresh rosemary. Jesse Farrer and Aaron Ilott enjoy drinks at Faustina. Farrer and Ilott high-five at the warehouse. With the help of his friend Jesse Farrer, he launched Elevation Distilling, in Midvale, earlier this year after studying the business in Denver. To create something that is smooth and sippable and has a great taste without mixing it, is a big challenge.

Elevate your today for a better tomorrow. Not only did its Park City restaurant expand this summer, with the opening of an event space called the Whiskey Library two doors up from the saloon on Park Avenue, the distillery itself is set to expand exponentially. As part of a cowboythemed guest ranch, High West will open a 1,gallon still in Wanship at Blue Sky Ranch in the fall, more than six-times the size of the still located in the restaurant, with room to add three more stills.

That was his perfect chance to open his own brewery. Instead, he became a sales manager for a chemical company, which took him across the country where he visited distilleries and that gave him a better idea: Then he had to hope the state would grant him a permit, which cost him hundreds of dollars more than it would in alcohol-friendly places like Nevada.

But he says he wanted to open a distillery. He hired head distiller Dan Feldman, who had spent years as a distiller in Japan and was in charge of spirits at a brewery in North Carolina before moving to Utah earlier this year. Constantly, Utah is recognized for having the best water in the country.

Their hybrid still allows them to experiment with different types of spirits, in small, limited-release batches. Plans include a rum, blue agave and more flavored whiskeys and vodkas, including one made with raspberries from Bear Lake. Is this a mid-life crisis? Shake and pour over ice into a highball glass. Garnish with the orange slice. Sometimes distilling work looks more like lab work—requiring multiple purity tests. Crunderberry Ingredients 1 oz. Tim Smith makes regular trips to a local spring for water, hauling it out by hand.

Steve Conlin enjoys a sip of Five Wives.

Falsches Spiel: Roman (German Edition)

They sold about 1, their first year. With vodkas already on the market, Conlin said he knew the company needed a reason to make a shopper reach for their spirit. When Idaho initially refused to carry the vodka because of its label, Five Wives became an instant media hit. Whatever they make, you can be sure their labels will stand out. The most basic ingredient of any liquor is water— distillers take great care with the quality of water they use.

Smith and Conlin get their water from a privately owned spring in Ogden Canyon, hiking in, patiently filling five-gallon jugs, then hauling them out. All from Ladies Shop at Grand America. Years ago, we launched a cover girl contest to find the prettiest face for our cover. But beauty is more than a pretty face. So for this issue, we asked Utah women to send us their best selfies along with answers to a few questions about their back story, interests, careers and dreams.

The hundreds of responses sketched in what we were looking for: By the time Manzanares entered Westminster College, she knew she wanted to be on stage. She came back to Utah for a stage role, stayed for another one and never returned to the Big Apple, opting instead to be a big fish in a small pond, building a career in modeling, acting and social media and making a life close to her family here in Utah. Our Face of New Utah search was about self-perception as much as beauty. So, we asked entrants to submit a selfie—their own idea of themselves looking good.

And we also asked them to fill out a brief questionnaire about themselves. Besides where they liked to shop Kori Lauren named the Whole Foods olive bar , we wanted to know their hobbies, dreams and inspirations as well as their favorite thing about living in Utah the skies, said Jen Castle. From all the original entries gathered over a month, we sorted out the top 15 finalists and posted their pictures online.

Salt Lake magazine asked five local boutiques to dress contest winners to reflect the style of the person and the style of the boutique. Owner Ashley RothwellCampagna wants to dress you up. The Ladies Boutique features classic pieces that can fit seamlessly into an existing wardrobe. Clothes should be fun. Like angel wing-embroidered cowboy boots from Old Gringo. Or message jewelry, skinny skirts and printed jeans. She skis, swims and salsa dances. Featuring forward clothes for the modern-minded woman, Q is in the heart of hip SLC.

Owner Amy Leininger specializes in premium denim and lines that are unique to Utah. All from Q Clothing. With her business partner Blake Spalding, Castle owns one of the most famous—albeit tiny—restaurants in Utah. Outside the kitchen, Castle works with a camera, creating Cindy Sherman-like self portraits and landscapes in the magnificent Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument where the restaurant is located.

Utah is plagued by stereotypes. Our population is growing at twice the rate of the United States, and the demographics of Salt Lake City, the most populous part of the state, are changing faster. Utah women, who not that long ago were mostly wives and mothers, are in all parts of the workforce and, increasingly, are creating their own careers to suit their lives. How nerdy are we? The economic impact even inspired blue-suit Gov. X-Men, whose characters fight bigotry towards mutants, has been compared to the Civil Rights Movement, and more recently gay rights.

Star Trek is famous for themes that imagine the day humanity puts its differences aside for a common goal. Online gamers meet and defeat like-minded people all over the world, and some Japanese animation fans become bilingual to support their passion. Add to that high-tech industry employees with intensely boring jobs looking for a way to escape.

The Society for Creative Anachronism creates an idealized version of the Middle Ages, roughly from to CE, at local parks, gyms, backyards, and anywhere else you can stage a medieval melee. Members, many with high-tech backgrounds, take up archery, dancing, needle work, brewing and more. A Society for Creative Anachronism member readies for battle.

In the Resident Evil video games and movies, the T-virus developed by biomedical company the Umbrella Corporation turns its victims into vicious zombies. The result is a very different geek—try to give one of these guys a wedgie. Go ahead, just try it. The Umbrella Corporation-Utah Hive, a group of fans who dress like the villainous entity that created the zombie virus in the Resident Evil video games and movies, includes true-to-life heroes in its ranks.

Now, they make appearances at conventions and other charity events. The — TV show Firefly and follow-up film Serenity chronicled the adventures of a space ship crew of renegades and misfits and became an instant cult hit. Michael Welch makes a living in tech support and data storage for banks yawn , but when a sci-fi or fantasy convention comes around, he takes the role of badass space mercenary Jayne Cobb. He made one of his own prop guns by piecing together PVC pipe and a curtain rod. Cosplay, short for costume play, is dressing up as a fictional character from a pop culture source, like a video game, movie or comic book.

Many cosplayers model their DIY costumes in competitions. Shannon Deonier was cosplaying before it was cool. Now 27, Deonier is a national cosplay. Flourite, a powerful magician from the cartoon Tsubasa, and Link, the boy hero in the video game Zelda. A cosplay make-up artist at local convention, Anime Banzai.

Think My Little Pony is just for girls? An adult guy thing. Dozens of pony fans, mostly young men, met up in Liberty Park this summer to share their love for the show.


They broke the ice by shouting out their favorite ponies—Pinkie Pie! While the meet-up had all the makings of a Saturday Night Live skit, Steven Moritz, who donned a pony hoodie and brought his stuffed Rainbow Dash doll, says this is where he belongs. Moritz says women can be bronies, too, but they usually prefer the term pegasisters. He runs My Little Pony Facebook fan pages and chats with fans worldwide. But sharing My Little Pony love online, not surprisingly, makes him a target for cyber bullies, who have questioned his sexuality and labeled him a child molester for liking the show.

He gets away from the haters by escaping to Equestria, a sort of Nirvana, where the ponies frolic. Mount up by searching Utah Bronies on Facebook. Star Wars never ends. Whether fans want to take down the Empire or join the Dark Side, they suit up regularly for conventions and events. Sign up at rebellegion. No Star Wars character has a cult following like Boba Fett, the mercenary. If this is you, sign up at mandalorianmercs. Being bad is more fun. Go dark at alpinegarrison. Salt Lake magazine presents a selection of Fall getaways to uncrowded destinations of iconic status.

In fact, the natural beauty and exotic views these hideaways offer have made them the scene of classic American movies. More recently, The Lone Ranger kicked up the red dust. Our guide, Tyler Palmer, and my friends are waiting for me to descend so we can continue our exploration of the Fiery Furnace area of Arches National Park. But I hesitate, not trusting my balance to walk down. Finally I sit down and scoot all the way down on my backside.

We spent several hours wandering through this spectacular part of the park, clambering over rock bridges and checking out dead-end canyons for their beautiful view. The Park Service only allows guided tours of the Furnace—your GPS is useless here and temperatures can rise well into three digits. Our guide was arranged by Sorrel River Ranch, the nearby resort which also provided high thread count sheets and a chef-cooked dinner, not to mention a soothing massage after our hike.

Most people go to Moab for rough-and-tumble red-rock adventure, not luxury. But those who prefer a little postadventure pampering should take the road out of town to Sorrel River Ranch. A scenic mile desert drive by Arches National Park ends at the riverside oasis, with horses grazing on a sweep of meadow grass almost shockingly green against the background of towering red rock and a rambling ranch house lodge nestled in a curve of the Colorado.

The acre ranch has a long history. It was originally homesteaded in by Fred and Ida. Stearns, who used a one-horse plow to break enough sod to sustain their family and animals. The property remained a working ranch until , when Robbie Levin former bass guitarist for rocker Rick Springfield made it into a guest destination, a concept being refined by current owner Elizabeth Rad.

And thousands of wilderness acres still surround the ranch, protecting its serenity. At the end of the day, watching the stars wheel overhead and listening to the river, you can get a rare taste of what we go on vacations for: The landscape dwarfs Sorrel River Ranch. Outdoor Yoga is offset by gourmet meals and wines to match the Colorado River scenery. Sorrel River Lodge is surrounded by iconic national parks.