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This is one of my favorite podcasts. Sean Wes presents sublime tips on career, podcasts and lettering.

Der Unterschied Freelancer / Agentur - Erklärung

His colleague and him always deliver a smashing time and inform authentically. Want to make a living with your passion?

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The Accidental Creative is a marvelous podcast with lots of good wisdoms. A great guide!

15 beste Podcasts für Designer, Entwickler & Selbstständige

In this podcast Paddy and Baxter discuss topics like working remote all over the world or launching side projects. Jen Simmons takes members of the high-society of apps and web to talk about certain topics.

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A truly helpful podcast that covers a great variety of contents. Conversations with world experts on changing technologies and future of the web. The Web Ahead is your shortcut to keeping up. Dan and others collect their thoughts about design and creativity in this podcast.

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It covers exciting topics like minimalism in design. This quite new podcast is a smooth session about design in a relaxed atmosphere.

  • 15 beste Podcasts für Designer, Entwickler & Selbstständige.
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  • Devour Me (Master Chefs Series #1).
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  • Episodes seem to be missing, but this podcast is great! Gaining popularity from their various TED-Talks these guys deliver a diverse podcast about technology, design, architecture, etc. This podcast exists for 10 years! Debbie from Design Oberserver talks to illustrators, web designers and other personalities about their careers and inspiration. Well established with good reason! Tim from Productish, the product owner of XING has his own podcast in which he talks with designers and enterprising people about their projects and experiences.

    Exciting talks with germans and beyond. Tim Herbig is a German Product Guy which regularily invites product people and entrepreneurs to his show to discuss recent projects and current topics in the technology industry.

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    Episodes are mostly in German but sometimes in English as well. This podcast invites you to a evening-rendezvous. Innkeeper Jan invites experts from design, social media, etc. Awesome german podcast, that invites you to stop by. Wurde wieder ein Pitch gewonnen oder hat jemand Geburtstag? Der Neue kann es nicht sein, der hat schon letzte Woche gefeiert. An exciting podcast about freelancing and creativity. Especially episode 11 of VIER had me fell for itself and begins very entertaining.

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