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Add Pet dragon to favourites. Add Chubby guinea pig to favourites. The part that is garter stitched is done differently when circular knitting. You K one round, P one round, K one round, etc. Is there a site you can recommend that would explain abbreviations and have tutorials for us beginners?

Thanks so muchg for sharing this pattern and for any additional help you can give. I hope I can make these. I searched and did not find k4 in it. At least, the second version of the pattern does. Imagine the hat on your head. To me, it seems like that is about right. Sarah - Sunday, Nov 17 at pm Thanks! I was following the baby pattern and I want the hat to be longer without having a narrow tail at the top so next time I think I will go even farther before decreasing.

Thanks for letting me see the picture! I just bought yarn to make another one for myself. Must knit another one for this year. Pattern Very easy to follow. Thank You : kt - Tuesday, Nov 25 at pm How does this translate to a knifty knitter loom? Maybe someone else who has will comment. Brenda - Friday, Oct 16 at am Thanks for posting this!

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I know it was some time ago!! I told my kids I would make them santa hats for Christmas and your pattern turned out great! Help, what have I done wrong?? I used size 11 needles. If you are a new knitter you might be knitting very tightly, or the yarn is thinner than it should be. If you do a swatch you can find out whether the gauge works for you.

The project is so small, though, that you almost can just do the whole hat instead of a swatch. Tried first with 44, but it was too small. The white was done in k2 p2 rib and will be turned over for a cuff. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Search About Slumberland Since Random pop culture, crafts, history, and other stuff that catches my attention. Visit Wendi Dunlap's profile on Pinterest. All rights reserved unless otherwise stated. Please do not use without permission. I have included one simple free crochet pattern made special for beginners to help you to create a simple cute hat. One of the techniques does not even require you to be able to work in rounds, but lets you turn a rectangle into a hat!

Here you will find original patterns made either by me or designers I admire and patterns I have tried and tested myself. I love the fact that these hats are so quick and easy to make. You can go wild with colours and styles and finishing touches to create the perfect hat. How to crochet a baby hat step by step with this free patternLearn How to Crochet Step by StepIf you have arrived at this page and want to make a hat but don't know how to, then I can recommend my page on learning to crochet. I remember looking longingly at the many beautiful patterns online and wishing I could learn how to make them.

When I started learning I found it to be so easy,I could not believe I had put it off for so long. It really is easy to learn to crochet. I have put together step-by-step photos here for you to follow easily and to help all those who want to learn this wonderful pastime. Easy Crochet Baby Hat patternsBaby Hat PatternI loved my daughters crocheted hat with ostrich feathers, but that was a long time ago, and now the up-to-date fashion has changed.

My niece has just had a preemie baby and she was desperate for little hats to keep the baby's head warm. It is such a pleasure crocheting for someone you know. I have made a few and I am surprised how easy these are to make. I have put together an easy pattern to follow, which you can adapt to any size you wish.

Once you make one you can increase another couple of rounds to make the desired size. If you use larger hook or thicker yarn you are going to get a bigger size too. I love working this way as you can create beautiful unique pieces that keep the little darling cozy and warm. You can add a brim to keep them shaded from the sun and make a crocheted sun hat!

The possibilities are endless, all starting from a simple pattern of increasing in every round. Using a 4. Tip: I am currently using a hair pin! It's a great marker. I created a simple bow also:Chain 20Ch1 turn slip stitch into back loop of every stitch, chain 1 turnComplete rows I complete 6 rows here for this one. Finish off and leave a long end to use to attach to hat and pull the middle in. Now if you wish to add on a gorgeous crocheted flower.

This pattern includes close-up photos images and shows you how to find the center for your brim. This pattern is really easy, and uses the Half Double Crochet stitch. Amazing Crochet ToysMartha's crochet critters on Facebook. Images used with permission from owner.

I just love it when I see what others have made from my patterns. And nothing is more delightful than these Crochet Critters Martha and her mother make for charity. The yellow hat is indeed the sun hat for kids, and the same pattern in purple is just beautiful. All the hats on this page have been crocheted by me and I can guarantee they are free and simple to do. If I am designing something and want inspiration I flick through this book and get great examples of stitches. I love the photos that clearly demonstrate the texture of the stitches, making it easier to choose a stitch or finish the garment.

The Bible takes you from start to finish, with some lovely projects in between. The Crochet Bible: The Complete Handbook for Creative CrochetFor any beginners and expert crocheters alike this is the ultimate book to have by your side. I get great ideas for the many stitch patterns and guides when designing my own projects.

This set was actually made using this baby cardigan pattern. For the hat I followed the basic baby hat pattern and just added a contrasting color and 1 half round to make a peaked cap. My niece had a premature baby and was struggling to find warm clothes. This made an ideal present that she loved. Since people would ask her where she got it from, I have been inundated with orders. Nothing is more satisfying than crocheting for someone you love. Make a baby animal hat with ears and earflaps to keep baby cosy. SourceAnimal Hat with Ear FlapsI love the fact that once you have the basics of a baby hat then there is no stopping you creativity!

Crochet Baby Earflap HatGorgeous baby hat with earflaps. The designer explains how you can make it bigger tooSkill level: easy beginnerSize: newborn to three monthsStitches: single crochet, double crochet, slip st and chainsAviator Style This aviator hat is popular and very easy to crochet. The baby's ears are covered with the earflaps, and the extra flap at the front creates an aviator style look. I do love the flap finished off with the buttonst, although I came across a pattern the other day and it did indeed have the earflaps and a pair of crocheted goggles.

It really was sweet. I think this hat would look fantastic finished off in warm fuzzy fur too. Easy seed stitch baby hat pattern. Image used with site owners permission at Crochet'ncrafts. Seed Sitich Pattern Although this hat is started in continuous rounds to get the seed stitch pattern you then turn your work while creating the actual pattern. There is a lovely matching baby blanket pattern as well. Baby Crochet hat Pattern, will you be trying it?

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Yes, I have started already! No just looking It is great but I would like some more patterns added Oh dear, too hard, still not for me! Other,See resultsfree crochet baby hat patternDeeply Textured Hat with VisorThis textured hat uses the Front Treble crochet stitch ftrc to create the texture around the hat.

The pattern comes in 4 sizes from preemie, new-born, months, months, and months. This is now my favourite baby hat pattern for boys! Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Getting to the end and it says work 2 single crochet in each space and 1 single crochet in every half dbl crochet in the previous round. I feel kind of funny but I don't know how to do that.???? I'll be making these. Am so excited. Glad I printed it out. Thank you so much. I've found that many of my ladies already crocheted and would prefer to do that.

My goal is to get them to make knit or crochet for charity and thought something small -- like a baby hat -- would be a great place to start. I've truly enjoyed the things you've posted here.

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ACORN member and crochet fiend. Thankyou for sharing. I am a beginner. Very easy! I already made one hat for my grand daughter. Step by step instructions very much helped. Thanks for sharing your talents. Pretty please? As you know I do not crochet but I can certainly appreciate these gorgeous designs. I love the two tone look as well and grey and pink together are lovely. I would like to get the pattern for some of them. I am intending to make a lot of items for my granddaughters Guide troop to sell to raise funds for a big project they are involved in next summer.

Great way to use up my odd balls of yarn. Thank you. Its a pink hat, square holes, scallop bottom, with a flower on it. It's a darker pink. Helped me find easy beginner crochet patterns and a gift for a baby shower at the same time! The Blueish colored hat with the rose colored flower above. Is it in small sizes? Why is that? I've researched the net, and I find those that require payment.

I even found a pattern on Listia that had to be 'bid' on, like eBay Many thanx! Oh my gosh, I love the monkey hat you crocheted! These cute baby hats would make great baby shower gifts. I think these hats are so incredibly adorable. Wish I could walk over to your house for a fun crochet lesson.

I would love to make these patterns as gifts. You maybe didn't know you were creating maternity urges when you published this lens. I'm kinda new to this. Me email is lanclan1 hotmail. You are so generous to share them. I am making caps for newborns and children in the nearby hospital. It's fun to work on these because they are so cute. Thank you! Thanks you. Might give it a go. Will be making soon.

Aaahhhhhhhh Pinned to my baby board and blessed. Wish I had more time I think I'll even start with the knit. Great templates! Nice patterns Thank you so much for sharing! However, I know where to look when I'm ready to crochet a baby hat.

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Really fun to go through. Wish reading it would impart some skill to my fingers! Loved it. I should come back and look at them again. Especially knowing someone took the time to hand-make them makes them extra special! Awesome lens, very informative Thank you for sharing. My mom loved to crochet and made some extraordinary pieces during her lifetime. So cute! Love them! Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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