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See both reviews. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. This series of books has been a hit with my 6 year old grandson and me. We are working our way through the entire collection about the boyhood of the famous Viking Hiccup and his friends and dragons. Vivid characters, sometimes crude and a little violent, the stories are creative, suspenseful and exciting. Although they are stand alone stories with flashbacks and background, it is far more fun to start with Book 1 and work your way through the series. Even the drawings done by the author are terrific. Yes Vikings can be ugly and it beats the beautified and sanitized version of books one and two Disney did.

Hats off toe Cowell. Verified Purchase. This is another delightful addition to one of the more fun kid series out there. With her charming, story book-esque style and biting madcap humor Cressida Cowell brings to life a fictional Viking world where swimming contests last for months and America is still up for discovery grabs! An annual "friendly" swimming competition turns ugly when the children are kidnapped and dragged across the "Great Western Ocean" to help in discovering the new world. Along the way they encounter slaves, machines warding against sea monsters, and the wildest of inventing barbarians one could ever hope to read about.

Despite the obvious insanity of the story line Cowell weaves a tight plot and has the age-appropriate sense of humor to pull it all off on in a narrative that just screams to be read aloud.

This is perfect for younger readers comfortable in their chapter books and seeking some true entertainment and creativity, yet any one of any age still possessing that kid-at-heart quality will get a kick out of this and appreciate the snappy writing and subtle heart. It is sometimes a challenge to find books for my son to read that are of interest to boys! He has read all the books and would read more if there were more.

The books hold his interest and even give fun trivia information about the world of training dragons! I have read and purchased every single one of her Dragon series books, including the imports and special titles not easily available in the United States, and I have loved them all! They just keep getting better and better, and that's not an easy task for an author. If you have read Cressida's other dragon books: look for more of your favorite characters, some really funny scenes with Fishlegs, Stoick the Vast, and Big-Boobied Bertha.

You'll see some favorite old villains and get to accompany Hiccup on a journey to find "America. You see Hiccup really grow up a lot in this story, and his true bravery shines through stronger than ever. If you have never read Cressida's books or only read a few: there is some crude humor here, farting jokes, booby jokes, so if that kind of thing offends you or your child, you might want to think twice. The sea dragon is described in scary detail, including its immense size and shooting poison from its mouth, so if you plan to read this to a youngster who might get nightmares, it might not be the best choice.

And as always, I recommend reading her books in order, so start with the first one and read your way up to this one. But remember, out of all of her books, I found the first to be my least favorite, and I'm not really sure why that is. Last fact to know is that this is an import and it's paperback. I prefer buying her books in hardcover to add to my collection, but I couldn't wait for this one!

Being an import, it contains some British slang and spelling that U. I am an elementary school teacher and have read Cressida's stories aloud to my 2nd graders. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Chapters Fortress of the Light 1. News from the Plain. Shadows Sleeping. Nightmares Walking. The Hunt Begins.

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The Way Out of the Mountains. Wolf Dreams. Tar Valon. The Amyrlin Seat. The Bite of the Thorns. The Gray Man. Hunters Three. The Red Sister. A World of Dreams. The Price of the Ring. Scouting and Discoveries. Behind a Lock. A Way Out. A Trap to Spring. The First Toss.

The Woman of Tanchico. The First Ship. Within the Weave. A Different Dance. The Falcon. Daughter of the Night. The magic relic that broke his once-brilliant mind may be the key to stopping worldwide destruction--and whether he lives or dies really doesn't concern them. Thus begins an adventure that will shake the fragile peace of the Five Nations and once again stoke the fires of war across the world of Eberron.

Get A Copy. Hardcover , pages. More Details Original Title. The Draconic Prophecies 1 , Eberron. Other Editions 4. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Storm Dragon , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details.

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Opens in a Dwarfish jail, Dragon rescue, great escapes, teleportation tour of the realm--the story moves fast and quickly. The main character is very compeling, the side kicks are well thought out.


The "naval" scenes struck me as a little forced--crafts are crashing and exploding frequently--I am not sure if these sections struck a strange chord in me because they were too detailed and realistic or because they did not feel epic enough when they occurred--but in event, those scenes were the only ones that I did not love. The guilds in pursuit were by far my favorite parts. Thanks, David S. View 1 comment. This was a bit of a disappointment from the short story in the Tales of the Last War.

It was a page turner and had some good elements of character interaction that I liked in the short story. He's good at really showing two people in love or not and evoking just the right picture in your mind to see that people care for each other. What I didn't like, well there were a few things. The ending really crumbled and fell apart for me. I think it might have been okay as a stand alone novel, but it fe This was a bit of a disappointment from the short story in the Tales of the Last War.

I think it might have been okay as a stand alone novel, but it felt like the ending was forced for a sequel. The climactic battle was Also there were a couple of times things felt forced, especially a part at the end where one character follows the main character really for no reason and doesn't really contribute to the end except it allowed him to say he changed.

This character spent half the book offstage, and I guess the author wanted him to have more of a connection to the heroes. Just didn't make sense. Also a scene was inserted clearly just to show the fighting prowess of a character, which wasn't necessary. Also the Prophecy was built up so much in the book and at the end there really weren't any big surprise twists with it.

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It was a little too literal for something that was supposed to be pretty arcane. There was even a remark by a character that it was confusing, but it really wasn't. Also there not a lot of mystery about who the Storm Dragon is.

Even the author seemed to give up on this, but leave room for a slight bit of doubt. All in all, strong beginning pulling you into the mystery and for the most part a page turner with some character development, but no big payoff. And I read this novel to get a better idea of how to write endings : Oh well. Jan 16, Mark rated it liked it Shelves: fantasy. The Prophecies were old when humans first began to forge their civilisation.

Scion to one of the great Dragonmark Houses, whose heirs have the chance to manifest a dragon-like birthmark of great power at puberty, Gaven spent most of his time exploring dark caves looking for valuable dragonshard The Prophecies were old when humans first began to forge their civilisation.

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Scion to one of the great Dragonmark Houses, whose heirs have the chance to manifest a dragon-like birthmark of great power at puberty, Gaven spent most of his time exploring dark caves looking for valuable dragonshards in the depths of the earth. But in one dragonshard he found more then he or his House were looking for and it invaded his mind, filling him with the most intimate knowledge of the Prophecies a human had ever held. His resulting delirium escalated to all-out madness, and his ravings lead to exile from his House and a life sentence in the island prison of Dreadhold, where he manifested the highest and rarest potential of all Dragonmark Houses, a Siberys Mark.

While Gaven is all but lost in his own mind, a daring rescue springs both himself and his cell neighbour out to a higher calling. This is unfortunate because I have found it is much more than that. Eberron is a world that pushes the boundaries of the traditional settings that its sibling Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms tend to embrace. Its history has been marked by extra-planar incursions, some of which have caused massive devastation and others that are as accepted and as frequent as the seasons. The books carry a contemporary, yet distinctly fantasy, feel to them and are packed with adventure and mysticism that is the hallmark of entertaining and fast-paced writing.

Mated to the Storm Dragon

I really enjoyed this book and am slowly exploring others. Wyatt starts the Draconic Prophecies with a mix of the worst ingredients in fantasy and shared world fiction. Apr 13, Craig rated it liked it.