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Merlin's Blade (Merlin Spiral Series #1)

Free delivery worldwide. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Categories: Fantasy Books for Kids. Merlin's Blade. Description Merlin's Greatest Weakness Could Become His Greatest Strength When a meteorite crashes near a small village in fifth-century Britain, it brings with it a mysterious black stone that bewitches anyone who comes in contact with its glow-a power the druids hope to use to destroy King Uthur's kingdom, as well as the new Christian faith. The only person who seems immune is a young, shy, half-blind swordsmith's son named Merlin.

As his family, village, and even the young Arthur, are placed in danger, Merlin must face his fears and his blindness to take hold of the role God ordained for him.

But when he is surrounded by adversaries, armed only by a sword he's named Excalibur, how will he save the girl he cherishes and rid Britain of this deadly evil Book includes location map and detailed character index. Other books in this series. Merlin's Blade Robert Treskillard.

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But Natalenya was different. She never mentioned Merlin's scars. During worship at the chapel, she was always polite and asked him questions now and then, almost like a friend. So when Merlin's father had asked him and Garth to get charcoal with the wheelbarrow, Merlin suggested that Garth get a tour of the fortress too.

Merlin's Blade (The Merlin Spiral, #1) by Robert Treskillard

The fact that they'd pass Natalenya's house twice was a small coincidence, of course, even if it was out of their way. The problem was that an empty wheelbarrow was just too inviting, and practically everyone had given them things to deliver.

Gwen says goodbye to Arthur

And now they had the goat and chicken as well. Out of embarrassment, Merlin almost wished Natalenya wouldn't be home. Bigger than the mill, I'd say, an' made o' fancy stone. The roof's got lapped bark with a real stone chimney, not jus' a hole for smoke. An eagle, or an aquila , to be precise. His family's descended from soldiers on the coast.

The sound of horses' hooves clattered toward them from farther down the hill. Merlin had just turned in the direction of the sound when Garth shoved his shoulder. The wheelbarrow hit a rock, and Merlin felt it tilt out of his control just as Garth ran into his back, causing him to fall, with a chicken flapping against his face. He didn't know what he wanted more: to talk with Natalenya or to hide. After all, how many young men walked past the house of the girl they admired while pushing an overstuffed wheelbarrow? And how many were accompanied by a boy wearing a too-big monk's robe who insisted on playing bagpipe?

Wasn't the rope, wooden tub, bundle of herbs, and sack of oats quite enough to fill the barrow? Did Garth really have to add a squawking hen and a young goat too? Merlin turned his half-blind gaze to the bobbing boy with red hair. Garth's lips let go of the mouthpiece, and his bagpipe squeaked out a long last note.

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Merlin tripped on a large stone, nearly rolling the tub out of the wheelbarrow. No, they cluck, bleat, and leap out every twenty steps. Merlin could see only a smudge of Garth sticking out from beneath the green leaves, and then a colorful blotch flew out above the boy's head. The goat'll eat 'em in the barrow, and I can't hold 'em and play me bagpipe too. Merlin followed, and as the hill leveled out, he was better able to keep the barrow steady. But that was when his heart started wobbling, because he knew by the big blur of a rock coming up that they were about to walk by—.

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Didn't notice it on the way up. In vain, Merlin shook the black hair away from his eyes.