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Sounds like something you fear might happen and your mind just put it in there. Mostly well put. However, I would respectively request the removal of using G-d and Jesus as swear words, as it IS down right disrespectively. I cannot recommend it although I would have if it was cleaner or cleaned up. Sure that could be very easy to do. Please dig deep inside of you to find that sense of humour your religion has buried in there somewhere. After all his all-knowing father gave Zack the gift of being able to write with such elegance.

I am sorry, the dance floor is no place for your sad self. You got everything kinda wrong. Dead-on article. It did not rate its own Commandment, but was used, exquisitely, as an example in the 10th Commandment. Oh really? You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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Is it ok that we just dance? I know I am a beginner and do want to learn, but I am taking classes as soon as I can.

Overview Of Ballroom dance

Tonight I am just here to try to uphold the level I am currently at. New things would be too much at the moment. Great essay on this annoying habit some people have. I have to say, though, that one of the big issues I have as a leader is when a beginner targets me and asks to teach her something while social dancing. I will do some basic things with her and then suggest she take some lessons after the song has finished. In a way, I want you to be proud that this person singled you out to help them.

Obviously they saw something in you or the way you dance that gave them the impression that you are talented and knowledgeable. BUT… if you are not intererested in helping them out, that is your prerogative. Anyone not respecting your wish does not deserve your respect. And I think you are doing exactly correct in your situation where you do not wish to teach them, that is, tell them to attend classes. Teaching on the dance floor is no substitute for real classes. It can be a supplement to learn small tidbits here and there, but if it expands to anything else it is just teaching in a noisy environment.

As you say, they might find someone willing to teach them.

Jive (dance)

Still, these follows wants to find someone to teach them. If they say that they never took a lesson in their life, they are lying through their teeth. Obviously they have, perhaps not just formal classes which would probably helped them more than an occasional helpful dancer on the dance floor every now and then.

It is sad that they do not realize this. The common denominator here is often that they are young ish and quite attractive, and thus always gets to dance with leads that most likely are hitting on them and seem to equate this with being good since they get to dance all the time. They are not abysmal followers but seldom good and I find very little enjoyment to dance with them, both because of their level, but perhaps more about their attitude.

For me, a healthy mixture of classes, socials and workshops is what improves my dance. And as a teacher in other disciplines I can tell you that when you need to teach someone, you usually elevate your own level. You need to if you want to be a good teacher and be able to consciously convey knowledge to someone else.

But not everyone wants to or even enjoys teaching, even if it could be beneficial for themselves, and that is why I fully support you, or anyone else, that just want to dance and not help improve someone elses dance. One time a follow told me I should keep my arm more bent. On the other hand, I also had someone tell me that my hand was in an uncomfortable position, and I was mortified that I had been doing it that way and it was probably uncomfortable for a lot of follows, but no one ever said anything.

It was told to me in a completely appropriate setting, though: in a class, where the teacher mentioned that exact thing. But for something like that, I wish people would just say something immediately. I have so many examples of this. When I very first started, no one told me about floorcraft. I thought running into people was just kind of a thing that was going to happen, and yeah try to avoid it, but not as much as you really should.

Certainly not as much as I try to avoid it today. But I think we all kind of understand the whole progression that people go through. But I understand you speak from your experience, just as I do from mine. Note that I am not talking about post-lesson practice. I cannot recall an instance where I have danced with this dancer during the class prior to the social, nor that I did something from that class.

If you go to a bar, club, big congress, the setting it is another thing. So this is not black and white, but a judgement call from time to time. To me, teaching on the floor is a very specific type of behavior. The one asking is not really contributing ie not two equals learning from each other, one is clearly giving information to the other, not reprociated , but really interested in learning, so it is not co-operative practice and it is more than asks, tips or helps.

And yes, I very much see how it can be irritating and potentially harmful to the dance community as it can drive people away and make egos grow.


So if you want to ask something, reply to a question or even explain how to lead or follow a certain part, you can do so even without disrupting the dance you are currently dancing. Also, a dance that do not require you to dance to the full beat all the time but is rather flexible and allows you to dance at half or even quarter speed like you could do in for example kizomba allows you to slowly go through a step and then slowly try it out at the tempo of the music next.

Still, you are not disrupting the dance by stopping, talking, and doing steps out of rythm. But if you want the former, you should not ask how to learn but instead have a social dance and ignore any shortcomings of either party. Obviously, there is a huge range of behaviors that cannot be captured by this type of article. Each dance definitely has its own etiquette when it comes to to how to give advice or tips on the floor. Thank you! THANK you! The worst dancers, leader or follower, try to teach their dance partners. I dance salsa for 18 years now and teaching almost 15 years and I made this experience myself in the dance floor with a guy who was leading beside timing… I excused myself and told him lying I was just a beginner.

But there is another disturbing thing going on, when you are on a party and people know you as a dance teacher… They ask for feedback, or ask for a schoolmark after dancing. Can you show me a new figure? Some other night a guy came to means ask me to teach his new? Thank … Some people make you wonder what their parents taught them.

Being a lead that intentionally avoids teaching on the dance floor as much as possible, I wholly disagree with almost all of your reasoning. I find it very egocentric and judgmental to say the least. If that involves discussing dance, be it moves, technique or whatever, who is anyone to judge? From the tone of your comment, I think perhaps you have misconstrued the idea of the article. Rather, I say that generally it is a thing to be avoided. I understand that some people who dance use it because they are socially awkward and struggle with conversation.

It is entirely possible that their attempt to teach is a misdirected social guideline. Whether or not this is the immediate reasoning, it is generally still a component psychologically in many cases. Is it a nuanced discussion of every possible facet? No, because that would take several thousand words. In the follow up piece to this article, I go through what I feel is a key distinction between floor teaching, asking, and co-operative learning — which would be your pre-existing relationship example.

While not dangerous, floor teaching is something that can and often does create negative memories on the dance floor. I personally think that the soft skills of social dancing is something that deserves more attention. Specifically, understanding that your intention is sometimes far less important than the effect that your action has on your partner. It feels as though you took offense to my article.

I write this blog because I enjoy writing, and I enjoy sharing my perspective of many things in dance. If the article is shared, it is generally because other people have found it useful in some way — or because it resonated with them. For this, I am grateful. Does it make me feel good when my articles help someone, or when it makes people aware of their behavior?

Is my word the ultimate truth? So, in some ways: yes, this blog does bump up my ego. It makes me feel good when it helps people, and it makes me happy when it is shared and enjoyed. It forces me to swallow my ego when someone retorts the blog, and to attempt to deal civilly, rationally, and without anger to both well-thought out discourse, as well as personal attacks.

Unlike teaching on the floor, no one has to read this article. I am not forcing my opinion on anyone. It is my perspective, and it is up to people to do with it as they please. Partners on the dancefloor rarely have this luxury. Rather, they can leave, and look rude. They can stay, and get frustrated. They can say something, and risk pissing off their partner. There is no easy out.

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There are no good options. This is what makes things like partner relationships so important in dancing. I prefer to think most people would prefer not to annoy their partners. Floor teaching often is irritating. There is no floor-teaching police, but why would a person want to engage in a behavior that could very likely be irritating to the partner?

I love your articles. Last Wednesday, while at a weekly social, I was teaching a beginner the basic steps and how to do a left turn on the dance floor during one of the socials. Being a beginner myself, I stuck to just the basic and the left turn, enough to get her out on the floor and smiling and doing at least one move other than the basic.

Since she was struggling with the left turn, we did stop and get next to each other side by side so she could watch me perform the move at a slow count pace. What do you call this? The woman I was teaching was happy and giggly, and we continued dancing together into the next salsa song, where she could keep a basic step with the music and do an occasional left turn or two. Look at me. Look around. I do however agree wholeheartedly with you on this one! Oh, interesting. So on your flirting section of your advice, does that also include closing a deal date-wise with a girl I found attractive and asking her out some other time?

Reblogged this on Kizomba Musik. Thank you, Dancing Irishman, an excellent encouragement for us novice salsa dancers! Well, some girls just plainly did not like me or they are just not familiar with the dance etiquette. I asked a girls for a dance, a girl who is in the same salsa practise group. I observed her before, in a quiet way from the distance, to make sure that she had enough rest before another dance. When I asked her, she had been resting for at least 5 minutes.

Still, she refused. Her excuse: I have just sat down. Clearly, a bad lie. I could have argued, but of course I did not, I just flashed an embarrassed smile, said OK and left. Some seconds later she was on the floor with somebody else.

Dance Etiquette - felylojo.tk

I got the message. And there was another one that stopped the dance after a missed beat, telling me that I was too fast. Maybe, but she broke the spell, the fun was blown, and she begged off. So many are inconsiderate, and they only want to dance with the advanced dancers. OK, so I let them be and try to ask girls who are on my level.

That is it, then both of us enjoy, and to hell with the conceited ones who want to be the centre of the universe. Maybe I will link your contribution in our salsa group for everybody to become educated in salsa manners! Thanks for the great comment Tibor. My own philosophy on refusing dances has changed a little since I wrote that article. That might change in the future. Feel free to link the article, the more people get educated, the better. Thanks for the comment and keep dancing. Great article. Thanks for sharing.

Regarding how close you dance with your partner: at the weekend in a local Strictly competition my partner and I were criticized for not dancing close together. Thanks for any pointers you can give. Hey Philip, Great to hear that you enjoyed the article. When it comes to that the most important thing to do is please the judges assuming you want to win haha so if they say you should dance closer, go for it. Balance is key. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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