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The fellowship hall was colorfully decorated with guest seating for this day. Keiko Tanase arranged all the floral centerpieces, while Alane, Maddie and Sydney Louie set them beautifully atop of each table. As our guests arrived, they were greeted at the door with excitement.

Matthew Machida, Keoki and Kulani Chan prepared the tasty punch and they quickly went around the room, serving it to all our guests.

The Food Timeline: history notes--pioneer, Civil War, cowboy & Victorian foods

As our festivities began, Watson Louie came up to do the ice-breaker! As usual, the winning table got to go first to the buffet line! So, Koji and Yohko Tada were pretty excited when their table won the honors! Pastor Mike prayed, asking the Lord to bless our food and our time together. After lunch, many were ready for a nap! But, no chance! Jim Spray had some more corny jokes, as he puts it, before his aerobics routine.

The audience was already laughing before he got started, so this was an easy crowd today! As Jim is getting older, he thanks God for all his blessings! The Nikkei Horizon Ukulele Bands with members from four different bands represented here came out to entertain us! John Iwai pointed out that everyone in this group has been directly or indirectly taught to play the ukulele by Dr. Jack Akamine.

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John and Lisa Tsuji graciously prepared to share their testimony with us. As they came up, John looked around the room and saw the many faces he has known all his life, as he grew up at FBC. He felt very blessed to be able to share and thanked everyone for their inspiration and love over the years. John also apologized to Tom Tamashiro, his former Sunday school teacher, for being a wild kid.

And the audience chuckled. Throughout the sharing time, the Tsujis showed many photo slides in the background. John was born in Canada, but grew up in the Seattle area. John and Lisa met in Alaska, while working summer jobs in the fish canneries to help pay for their college. So, for their first date, they simply played cribbage. Lisa pointed out that those were the days before e-mail, Facebook, and texting. So, it truly was a long distance relationship for the two moving forward.

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Lisa later moved to the Seattle area after college and they were soon engaged. They showed a picture of their wedding and pointed out a young Pastor Ray Gosden officiating.

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  • Pastor Ray and Sharon Gosden were in our audience, as they were in town visiting. John and Lisa have three children: Jennifer, Ryan and Meghan. Lisa pointed out that in ; as they were expecting their third child Meghan , she had a panic attack when she realized that they would be outnumbered by their kids. This was the beginning of many years that followed with numerous personal challenges for the family that have literally rocked their world, as John puts it.

    Faith Bible Church - Seattle

    Because Lisa was so close to her mom, she felt grief for the first time. She pointed out that God gave her Meghan in the perfect time, which gave her a purpose to go on. A couple weeks later, Meghan at age 5 was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Looking back, Lisa recalls her mom telling her that she should have been a nurse. So, she majored in Family Studies instead. As part of her final college course work, she had to do a project calculating lots of numbers while taking nutrition classes, which years later gave her exactly the knowledge she needed to care for Meghan and Sheilah Tsuji her mother-in-law.

    John pointed out that Lisa has always been gifted in working with children.

    FHU Associates Invite Ladies to Annual Victorian Tea Party

    All the Tsuji kids are now serving alongside their parents. So, God gave all these students to John and Lisa now to love. Lisa pointed out that God gives us all, all the opportunities we need! God is so good! They had to overcome a lot to be faithful to God. The Lord Jesus came down from Heaven and gave Himself for us! My parents named me after 1 Timothy I go to church almost every Sunday and every night me and my mom read a Bible verse. I believe that Jesus died for my sins on the cross and rose on the third day.

    I believe in the fact and Jesus is my Savior. At the time I was very young and did not fully understand what it meant to be a Christian. It was not until 6th grade when I attended a camp with a few of my buddies from school where I recommitted my life to God and decided that I would live a life full of the Holy Spirit. From kindergarten all the way through eighth grade I went to a private Christian school. It was a lot easier in an atmosphere like this to be a good Christian through my actions while there were a lot more kids who had the same goal as I did.

    This all changed when I moved schools my freshman year of high school. I switched to Mountlake Terrace High School a public school which was not even close to what it was like at a small Christian school in Bothell. It took me some time to adjust, but I did and I guess you could say I adjusted a little too much. I learned how to act and how to fit in with all the other non Christians. I had become a two faced kid with a good personality and a not so good personality and I knew very well which ones to use at the right time. After a certain point I started to get sick of myself being like this all the time and decided to make a change.

    We need to pray for God's strength. We need God's strength as we cannot rely on our own strength. We need to pray for one another. One of the greatest things we can do for another person is to pray for them. Today we see so many people including Christians who have become dis-couraged. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord God will be with you wherever you go.

    Joshua We can take courage because we know God is with us in the Holy Spirit, who is our Counsellor and Encourager. We can encourage others by taking an interest in them and the things that concern them and by giving positive feedback about things they have achieved or are striving for. We can also encourage people by demonstrating the fruit of the Spirit in our relationship with them and others.

    In other words we need to share the load.

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    As Christians we need to help others, but we also need to let others help us. If we can promote this attitude in our Church congregation, it will bring greater unity and provide opportunities for the Church to reach out to the Community in a Ministry of Care. A small group of ladies can achieve great things when they are working for God!!!

    Help is available!!!! Everyone can take a turn at doing devotions. Share the load with the jobs that do have to be done. It is better if everyone has a small job which they can manage than one or two ladies trying to do everything. Business meetings need only to be held every second month and should only take about 15 minutes. The Secretary can keep a record of attendance and apologies by passing around the attendance book at each meeting. Minutes can be very brief.

    Just keep a record of correspondence and record any decisions made by your group. The President does not need to be an expert leader, she just needs to be friendly and caring and take an interest in the other members of the group. Obviously if you are a small group you cannot organise something like a church dinner or a weekend camp, but you can provide enthusiasm and get other people involved.

    If you want to promote a whole church activity, you first need to talk to people about the idea and make sure it is something that people will support. If not, try a different idea, as it is important to do something that is successful and beneficial for all. Invite a speaker from that committee and invite all church members to come and hear the speaker. Advertise your chosen project to the whole church and let them know that there will be an opportunity to give donations for this project.

    Serve a simple morning or afternoon tea or supper after the speaker. Send the donation as soon as possible after the function and let everyone know how much was raised and how much it was appreciated. Sit in a circle or around a table not in rows. Make sure you have someone with a pen and paper to write down the ideas. Now ask for ideas of things your group could do, and write down a list of all the things your group CAN do. Things you can do may include things like; invite a speaker and follow with morning or afternoon tea, phone or send cards to church members who are sick, serve tea and coffee after a church barbecue.

    What we can do is valuable and worthwhile.

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    See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? The first step is to talk to women in your church about the PWA. Also find out what women who have never been members think about PWA. This will give an idea about the amount of interest there is in PWA and the changes that may be needed for the group to be successful. Talk to women who you think may be interested in being office bearers in the new PWA. Invite all the women in your Church to this meeting.

    Contact the Presbytery Representative in your area and invite her to the preliminary meeting. Make this meeting short and informal. The business of this meeting is: 1. To agree to form a PWA Branch 2. To set a day, time and place for regular meetings 3. To elect office bearers 4. To obtain a list of all ladies who wish to be members After this is done, allow time for discussion over morning tea. Plan the Agenda for the first regular meeting. Plan a draft programme which can be discussed and accepted at the meeting.

    Consider moving a motion at the first meeting that certain positions should not be held by any one person for more than three consecutive years. Make sure that people understand that it will be different. Making the changes in style before you get started is easier than making them later.

    Do not try to achieve too much in your first year. It may be best to have only one fundraising project and concentrate more on promoting fellowship among members and a caring ministry towards others in your Church family. Set goals and priorities for the following year. It is a good policy to do this every year. Your email address will not be published. Presbyterian Women's Association. Skip to content.