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Submited by Chris Africa. The Elf and the Amulet Adventure Fantasy Young Adult A magical amulet, ominous prophecies and a wizard's death rip three friends out of their lazy existence to send them on an adventure across the world. Submited by md fryson. Doctor Who returned to its original 5. Newman took this matter up with Baverstock on Wednesday 20 May, saying that he wanted die series moved to Television Centre or Riverside where suitable results could be obtained.

Furthermore, Newman threatened to abandon Nation's new story. The Return of the Daleks, if justice could not be done to it technically.

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Better smdio facilities were swifijy allocated, but at the same time some other episodes would have to be made in Studio G. This had a knock-on eflfect on planning extta episodes. She would not renew her contract for an additional six-part serial suggested by Wilson. Also, a new character would need to be written into The Return of the Daleks which, it was finally agreed, could be recorded at Riverside. Dr Who and the Sensorites started recording at die end of May, and was allocated die cover of Ariel in June.

Meanwhile on BBCi, die viewing figures for The Aztecs were holding steady around die eight million mark. On Thursday 4 June, in an attempt to bring Doctor Who to Television Centre permanentiy, Newman asked Lambert and Wilson if diey could record an episode over two days in die confined space of TC2, but Lambert proved diat diis would be too expensive.

Having recorded Hidden Danger on Friday 12 June, it was Hill's turn to take a formight's break from die series. Tuesday 30 June saw the publication of The Dalek Book, an annual-type affair widi stories by Nation and Whitaker, and including a picmre story widi off-screen "telesnap" images fi:om die first Dalek serial. Early July saw concerns expressed that Dalek toys expected for die Chrismias market might not arrive in die UK until January. There was also some doubt diat Doctor Who would go out on Samrday 4 July because of sports coverage, and indeed the episode Hidden Danger was deferred by a week.

Finally, it was Russell's mm for a fortnight's holiday during die second and diird episodes of The Reifln of Terror, having pre-filmed his scenes for diese instalments during June; Lambert also took leave during this time. Otfier merchandise was now regularly proposed; on Wednesday 22 July, Paramount Confectionery approached die BBC about die possibility of Daleks sweet cigarettes. In die production office, consideration was being given as to how Ford would be written out in Nation's Dalek story, now called The Invaders and concerning die Dalek domination of Eartii in die year A document about die Proposed Elimination of Susan was drawn up on Thursday 30 July, suggesting diat Susan should mamre and fall in love witii resistance fighter David Somheim.

Thus die Doctor would deliberately leave her behind to start a new life at die serial's conclusion, while a new young Anglo-Indian giri, Saida, could be introduced. It was suggested that die next set of recordings which had been delayed by diree weeks could begin widi a rewritten five-part version of The Hidden Planet.

My Son! Widi die looming format changes eating up a lot of Whitaker's time, die story editor was delayed in responding, but contacted Farhi on Friday 31 July to say diat aldiough Alexander the Great as he referred to it was a good story, it was not acceptable but diat Farhi should come in to discuss odier ideas. On Monday 3 August, rehearsals for die series moved to die less pleasant surroundings of die London Transport Assembly Rooms in Wood Lane, where Hartnell made disparaging comments about die immigrant workers diere.

Nevertheless, die four regular cast members had by now formed a close working relationship, and enjoyed Friday picnics in dieir dressing rooms prior to recordings. Harmell was also very protective of Ford in the same manner diat die Doctor was of Susan; bodi were very tactile actors and worked well togedier.

On Thursday 6, Whitaker formally announced diat Dennis Spooner would be taking over his job as story editor; Whitaker would be leaving die BBC at die end of October to pursue freelance work. The next day, A Bargain ofNfcessittj was recorded at Television Centre, home to the series for the next few weeks away from the sweltering confines of Lime Grove. That weekend, many of the cast and crew enjoyed at house-warming party at the large and expensive new home of Nation and his family in Kent - one of the luxuries the writer could now afford from his lucrative Dalek deals.

The indecision over Doctor Who's continuation dragged on and on, and an exasperated Lambert oudined the scenario to her superiors on Tuesday 11 August. Hartnell had had an offer elsewhere, and unless a major commitment was made to the regular cast now, they could not be booked in time - as such it might not be worth replacing the character of Susan. The first show of the new run - now termed Serial L - comedy The Valiant Vamnjs, attracted barely half the viewers.

In the meantime, work continued apace back at the BBC, where photographs of the Daleks in London graced the pages of Ariel, and camera tests for Susan's replacement were held on Monday 14 September with the two candidates being Maureen O'Brien and Denise Upson. By September, plans were well underway for the tie-in comic strip which would be launching in TV Publication's TV Comic, and on Tuesday 22, Wilson commented on how the first strip seemed very close to the original Dalek story.

Spooner started to take more control of the new scripts. On Thursday 24 September, it was finally decided that The Hidden Planet was to be written ofFbecause of the removal of Susan from the series this was done formally on Tuesday 20 October , while Whitaker rejected a proposal about telepathic parasitic mud called The Slide submiOied by Victor Pemberton. The talk with host Sarah Ward was taped at 4.

A story suggestion about a planet of giant insects entided The Webbed Planet was commissioned for development at the end of September from writer Bill Strutton, while Hartnell himself suggested an idea called The Son of Dr Who, in which he could play bodi the Doctor and the Doctor's evil son who also ttavelled through time and space.

Unfortunately for Hartnell, he suffered a bad fall during camera rehearsals for Day of Reclfoning on Friday 2 October; although he completed the recording, he was given a week's holiday to could possibly be a five-parter, but would need to be commissioned at once to meet production dates. Finally on Friday 14 August, Baverstock guaranteed a run of 13 and an option on 13 more. Frankhn was not contracted. The Daleks hit London for a major photocall at famous landmarks on Thursday 20 August, thus drawing press attention away from the major location shoot the following Sunday - with the regulars doing considerable outdoor filming over the next week, and also Doctor Who's first ever outdoor work at the soon-to-be chched venue of a quarry although in this case appearing as a quarry rather than an alien worid.

The following day, as the national papers carried pictures of the twenty-second century Dalek invaders, Lambert was informed that Baverstock had now agreed to the fitll six-month run. With this guarantee, preparations could get underway for Doctor Who's second year.

The Roman serial was allocated to Spooner who was briefed for a humorous historical entided Doctor Who and the Romans Serial M at the end of the month, while Whitaker would later develop Serial L as a short thriller introducing die new companion. Another writer contacted about the series at this time was notable British science-fiction author John Harris, better known as John Wyndham.

Having impressed Lambert and her team at the camera tests, year-old Liverpool Playhouse acttess Maureen O'Brien was contracted to play "Susan" for an initial 12 episodes on Friday 9 October. WhUe it was still felt this gave a poor start to the new season, the departure of Susan precluded the Dalek serial going out first. Flashpoint, the final episode of The Dalek Inuasion of Earth, was recorded at Riverside on Friday 23 October, and saw Ford released from her conOract in an attempt to shake ofFher impending typecasting as a teenager On Wednesday 28, an appreciative Newman wrote to Ford to thank her for playing the "waif from Outer Space" so well in the BBC's latest success story.

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Hartnell was very upset by Ford's departure; the pair had grown close during the year and he had even written her a letter asking her to stay with the series. Ian and Babs began to realise what Susan needed 'E' for How Do You Do It? But that's just excellent work. Genius is something else. It's hard to quantify. It's elusive, it slips between the facts and lists of an Archiue and skitters away.

Analysis can't allow for its magic. Because the simple word 'Doctor' is magic. Choosing that word and applying it to the central character is magic. And Doctor Who is a magic tide. We're so used to it now, we barely think about it. It's easily deconstructed - a healer, a learned man, coldness, an enigma, etcetera. And maybe they knew that back in But maybe they didn't, maybe this is hindsight. Maybe the words just sounded good! That's genius: it just happens. The words work together, in the way that Sesame goes with Street and no one can quite tell you why.

The increasing desperation of the toilet queue at last year's Glastonbury festival caused some concern to the organisers. I remember when I was seven or eight, and ray cousin's French husband was watching telly with us. And everyone laughed. I felt ashamed of my favourite thing, because the words fell apart. So much for the language of romance. We don't know how the title came about, and never will. Oh, we might have the facts - there are stories about men scribbling 'Doctor Who' on a napkin in a restaurant all mob suits and lino and cigarette smoke, I hope, such a very brown world.

But that doesn't explain why the words occurred in the first place, or why they stayed, or why they've continued to chime over the decades. How many times have they leapt out at you firom a stray headline? This was a highly designed show, purpose-built to fit a demographic and a time-slot. Those demands tend to kill genius. With every Verity and Anthony and David and Sydney staring at this show and choosing every detail, someone could've suggested calling him Bob. Or Boss. Or Guv. Or Professor, which never worked. But somehow, the doctorate was bestowed. I've always believed that the programme has survived and enriched itself because of the gaps in its production, the space between what was intended, what is, and what could be.

Those gaps allow our imagination to slip inside. And there's a crucial gap, right there, right at the start: we don't know rhe central character's name. It's a clumsy device. In episode two, Ian calls him "Doctor Foreman," the old man mutters "Doctor who? Ian, Barbara and every companion since are condemned to travel with this man without ever asking, "What the hell is your name? It's not even necessary.

Technically, it's a mess. But that's the point. Genius doesn't make sense, it isn't nice and clean and shiny, it's a very different thing to excel- lence. Genius is bumpy, wild and stupid, and it's clearly happening here. Someone took a title, and a question, and jammed them together, and the genius of that collision has entered the language. Here we are, 41 years later, still in love with it. Doctor Who! This was set after a parents' day, when teachers Cliff and Lola encounter their pupil Sue in the fog, as the girl attempts to help a strange man - Dr Who - to get home.

The old man's home is a police box which houses a massive chromium and glass interior, the craft then taking the group back to Cliff's school laboratory, but reduced to the size of pinheads. After studying at Roedean and the Sorbonne, she worked as a secretary and joined ABC Television as a typist, becoming a production secretary, and then a production assistant on shows such as Tempo and Armchair Theatre. During the s he turned more to writing, and the BBC purchased the rights to his play A Choice of Partners, after which Donald Wilson offered Whitaker a three-month trial as a staff writer in He became a story editor soon after- wards with work on the Gorij Hallidai thriller serials and scripts for the soap opera Comport.

In the storyline for the first Serial, the second episode concludes with Za making it clear that when the travellers have been placed in the cave of skulls and bones "they realise that when the sun rises again, they are to be slaughtered". In the third episode, the travellers are helped to escape "through the roof" by the old woman.

The creature which attacks Za is specified as a panther. In the final episode, the travellers are returned to the cave with Za who is under sentence of death.

When Za feels Chesterton should teach the whole tribe to make fire, Kal disagrees and they fight. The old woman takes a tribesman to kill the travellers when Chesterton fails to make fire, but when he succeeds the tribe become friendly and they eat together before returning to the ship. The scanner shows burning torches held alight by the tribe as they depart. The ship does rot return to London , but takes them to "a vast mountain" with "a Frank Lloyd Wright kind of building apparently suspended In mid-air" this led into the next serial planned by Coburn.

In The Cave of Skulls, Hur sees the Old Woman return to her skins in the cave after releasing the travellers, and she wakes Za; the old woman is not attacked by Za nor killed by Kal. Tracing their way back to the ship, Susan recognises a mark which Chesterton made earlier on a tree. The "beast" which attacks Za is driven back by Chesterton using a torch. When Za comes to tell the travellers of the approaching cold, the group realises that the Ice Age is starting. In The Dam of Knowledge, Za is bound and placed in a cave with the others and Hur pleads with the old woman to prevent Kal killing them.

When Kal enters the cave to demand that the travellers make fire, Za has got free and kills him. The old woman enters the cave with one of the tribesmen to say that the travellers should be killed; as the tribesman advances on Doctor Who, Barbara trips him up and this buys Ian the time he needs to ignite his kindling. In the closing scene when Doctor Who thinks of food, Barbara suggests a barbecue. Doctor Who tells Ian and Barbara that he wishes to be rid of them, but Susan does not think her grandfather can take them back to the twentieth century and feels they should examine the workings of the machine.

When the ship lands again, Barbara sees a building on a mountainside leading into The Masters of Luxor. The first episode had been rewritten to improve the role of Chesterton, Coburn felt the "Gums" the cavemen ought to speak and also suggested that Suzanne as Susan was now referred to could be a princess of royal blood. Born illegitimately in London on 8 January , Hartnell worked as a jockey, a stable boy and a boxer in the s, but he pursued his love of acting and by 1 was touring America.

In the s he moved into films as "Billy Hartnell" and made various comedies such as I'm An Explosiue. In World War II, he served with tlic Tank Corps, but after 15 months he suffered a nervous breakdown and was invalided out. He always had an interest in performing as a boy and had been involved in organising the entertainments during his time with the RAF. Changing his name to 'William Russell' in 1 on the advice of comedy actor Norman Wisdom, Russell appeared in around a dozen films, including The Great Escape. The Blue Parrot. On television. At the age of 19 she married a Czech business man, and when she took on the role of Susan she already had a three-year-old daughter.

The rehearsal script for the first episode gave the serial title as Doctor Who and the Tribe of Gum; it indicates that this and the writer credit should be superimposed over the opening titles with the episode name - An Unearthly Child - then shown over the opening scene in the junk- yard. Susan is taken by Barbara to another classroom and asked to wait while the teacher goes to the Staff Common Room where Ian - busy marking papers - agrees the girl is the "Ai died in the wool enigma of Coal Hill School".

Ian was specified as Susan's form master, and Susan and Barbara are both new to the school, having joined after the last half- term holiday; the teachers discuss how Susan's refined accent indicates that she might be from a family which has "come down in the world". Barbara has already followed Susan back home to find a junkyard with a police box inside. Susan is listening to the "ghastly wail" of OIlie Typhoon in the classroom, and when Susan refers to the "English fog", the teachers wonder if she is a foreigner. This version of the script omitted the flashbacks related by the teachers, and all references to the decimal system and litmus paper; the problem which Ian recalled setting his class involved a space capsule, and when Ian had discussed the fourth dimensions with Susan she had started to tremble.

Don't look! It'll spoil the magrc! Oh, too late. Bottom: The dishevelled Doctor flees through the Forest of Fear. In the TARDIS, when Barbara asks Susan to tell her and Ian the truth, she reminds her how she has tried to help her in the past when her classmates have made fun of her. Alternate main lights of room with lights of controls, so that when one set are off, control panel lights switch on. A circuit of bulbs flicker on one after another like an illumination in Piccadilly Circus Show dials spinning and levers pumping.

When the Doctor opened the police box door, he "takes [an] ordinary door key out. Inserts it in the lock. He turns the key and the whole lock comes away from the door. Doctor shines a small torch like object into the opening. The door starts to open with a high electronic whine". The rehearsal script of the second episode had the working title Son of the Fire Maker.

What's he talking about? Because the TARDIS' departure in The Firemakcr was shot on film, the box could be seen vanishing into thin air by means of optical printing to fade between two images. The pilot recording over-ran by two minutes. Wednesday 9 October: An unpleasant aspect of the animal skins worn by the cave people were that they were full of fleas, brought into the film studio sound stage in the sand used for the desert set.

During shooting. Ford found a small lizard which had been brought into the studio with the foliage which she subsequently took home as a pet. The 'Next Episode' caption echoed the style of other contemporary drama series and serials, such as the Pathfinders serials and the first year of The Auenjcrs. Hussein asked the potential cave men to take off their shirts at auditions to see if they were hairy enough to be Neanderthals.

A radio trailer was prepared for Hartnell to perform. He described the Doctor as an "extraordinary old man from another world who owns a time and space machine", outlined the plot of the first episode and the involvement of his three co-stars before concluding "Doctor Who decides to leave Earth, starting a series of adventures which I know will thrill and excite you every week. A review in Teleuision Todaij on Friday 5 December saw Marjorie Norris enthusiastically comment that if the series "keeps up the high standard of the first two episodes it will capture a much wider audience".

In the s it was sold to Lebanon and Algeria. Both broad- cast and unbroadcast versions of An Uncorthlij Child were wiped after Thursday 20 May 1 The four episodes were broadcast from the 1 6mm film recordings and An Uneorthli Child began the run on Monday 2 November. The season was previewed with a half-page feature in the Backpage section of Radio Times. There was also a trailer running to over five minutes for the series which was screened on BBC2 in late October. The episodes were screened at regional NFT cinemas during The difference between Saturday morning pictures and Saturday teatime telly throws into relief the unique qualities of Dortor Who on televi- sion.

The movie softens and sanitises all the more harrowing aspects of the story; the Doctor's malicious sabotage of the TAR0IS, the effects of the radiation sickness on the crew, even the pacifist stance of the Thais, making it a sort of Who-Lite - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang played against a post-holocaust background. No, the original is still the best. The series' first 13 episodes possess a unique atmosphere.

The Doctor's moral cowardice, Susan's enigmatic weirdness her giggle at the Daleks' dictation could be one of the most frightening things in the story and the teachers' uneasy The impromptu drinks party was going so well that the Doctor thought It best to just slip off quietly rather than admit he'd remembered that the spare mercury was being kept in the TARDIS' cocktail shaker But they're part of what makes this story so successfiil; the 'family' set-up is a good few weeks off, and the ordeals of the crew in the forests and caves of Skaro seem all the more involving for that element of unease, as if some of the birth-traumas behind the scenes had seeped into the programme itself Terry Nation's lack of faith in the series that was to make him millions is legendary, but if this is hackwork, he's a top drawer hack.

Nation is an expert storyteller even on autopilot, deploying numerous little tricks and twists with perfect timing. The setting is an obvious rehash of s serials with a dash of Dan Dare on Venus, but little touches like lan's revulsion on seeing a Dalek creature and the sheer cruelty of the Daleks gunning down Temmosus after his speech elevate it high above them.

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In those days it was quite acceptable to put up a few shaky flats to represent a city or a forest or a cave; television was still more like theatre than film, so Nation could casually ask for such a grand setting and rely on his viewers to fill in the gaps. His portrayal of the pacifist Thais as noble and war-weary is miles ahead of the simplistic indolent hippies we are to meet in similar situations on Dulkis and Lakertya.

The Thais' naivety is heartrending, but then they only have to look around them at their blasted planet to find a reason to reject war, and Ian and Barbara's different standpoints on making them fight again are fascinating. It's always struck me as a failing that David Whitaker reversed their opinions in the book; the TV Barbara's siding with the Doctor gives an unexpected twist to her char- acter after her 'wetness' towards Za. In fact, a happy accident makes this adventure echo the themes of the previous story. These nuances are kept gratifyingly low in the mix; there are no great pompous Star Trek pronouncements and no easy answers.

For me this encapsulates one of the very best things about Dortor Who, and sets the series off on its singularly British course. However daft Dortor Who may have been, there's no sentimentality or magic or religion here, only a lot of big open questions. Yes, the sets wobble and cameras glide into view, yet its rationalism and hard centre make it all seem more real than Star Wars. Yes, this story gave us the Daleks; but it gave us a whole lot more besides. In this, he offered some "phoney science" as to how "the ship is out of time but in space", postulating that the entrance portal of the police box is in time and space, arting like a gangplank or compression chamber.

To cross this requires an effort of will, otherwise the person will simply find themselves inside a normal police box. The police box was an "anchor" for the ship in time and space, without which the travellers would meet God or go mad. Dr Who has only anchored it once, when he escaped from his own civilisation, and to do it again would probably mean the end of the series. Some blunt soiJs may have gone further and whispered the word 'doolally'. In this story it finds itself heading towards certain doom at vworp speed. What does it do?

Does it get the alarms flashing, or bring up a little grey box saying 'Warning; this system has performed an illegal operation and u ill shut dou;n'. It turns the Control Room into a Salvador Dali retrospective, shows the crew a selec- tion of its holiday slides, and acts like that annoyingly hyperac- tive person you find at every party, starting an impromptu game of charades whether anyone else wants to or not.

And what clues! No Sun crossword 'Coffee Time' ones here. These are cryptic. He gives Ted Rogers his little card, and leaves some hapless couple from Penge wondering whether Inside the Spaceship actually represented a holiday in Spain or a music centre. That's like Skippy the Bush Kangaroo informing us rfiat littie Timmy's fallen down the well by chucking everyone else down the well too - which might make a good hour of reality TV, but hardly holds much potential for marsupial-related adventure.

After all, we've only got the Doctor's word for it that the message was all about knackered springs and solar systems. My hunch is that the Doctor realised what the TARDIS was trying to tell the others, panicked, drugged the crew, got out his felt-tip, wrote 'Fast Return' in his very best handwriting, and cooked up the whole story - and do you want to know why? Well let's put our Una Stubbs hats on and analyse these clues properly this time, according to the strict rules of Giue Us a Clue.

So what have we got? Okay, we've got doors opening on their own inviting us to look out of the Ship perhaps? We've got lights jlashinj on the food dispenser while it dispenses ujater. We've got a uiatch u ith the hands melted ojf, a live section on the console, which shows us a planet which looks more like a moon, in ray opinion and, suddenly, a huge u;hite light.

The doors open once more, and there's a rhythraic thud that happens every 15 seconds. So, putting that all together we get: Look out The Doctor's central column It JIashes while it faiies mater Watch, but hands ojf There'll be a large moon, and 0 blinding jlash Doors open in 15 seconds On second thoughts, forget I mentioned that.

On a slighdy more serious note. Inside the Spaceship sums up what I love about Doctor Who. It's so wonderfiiUy prosaic. If this was Star Trek, you'd probably have a race of god-like beings turning up at the end in a cloud of tinsel. They'd tell us in a booming voice that it was all some kind of intergalactic Eleven- Plus, and that with carefiil study and extra homework, mankind will one day be able to wear a glowing nightie just like them.

But this is Doctor Who, and the reason the crew have been put through the wringer is down to a knackered spring. It beautifiilly sums up our make-do-and-think-it-up-as-he-goes-along Doctor, just as it sums up our make-do-and-think-it-up-as-they- go-along programme. Improvising madly, not quite knowing what to expect, triumph, disaster Perhaps a bit of both. There was a recording break after the scene in which Susan attacked her bed with the scissors; this allowed the scissors to be placed in the living quarters to indicate a passage of time as well as an opportunity to reposition the cameras.

Just before the second recording break to strike the food machine and move cameras a point-of-view shot was recorded for the Doctor showing the readings on the feult locator defocusing before his eyes. The scanner images were caption images, fed to the monitor via two cameras; these comprised an English countryside scene, a jungle area representing the planet Quinnis of the fourth universe ; the Earth; a distant view of the Earth; the stars in the heavens and a flash of blinding light.

The material where the delirious Ian apparently attempts to strangle Barbara was a late addi- tion; in the camera script, Ian remains semi- conscious on the floor with Barbara. There was also a shift of the explanatory dialogue towards Barbara; originally the reasoning of the puzzle had been shared equally between Ian and Barbara with Ian deducing that time has been replaced by the light on the fault locator.

The resolution of the problem with the fast return switch was expanded in rehearsals; in the camera script, the Doctor simply "re-adjusts the switch to off position" without any of the dialogue and explanation with Ian. William Hartnell also added the Doctor's comment to Susan that "I think your grandfather is going a tiny bit round the bend". The stage directions in the camera script indicated that all four of the travellers were to leave the ship at the end of the serial, not just Barbara and Susan.

The serial made its UK Gold debut in November New Zealand repeated it in May and Australia re-screened it in October The role, he felt, was largely redundant. The cunning folk read the grimoires, used Ceremonial tools like Athames and adopted the planetary hours. They cast circles and do their spell craft. The Old ways of Cornwall bear very little resemblance to Wicca. Through out the book I found no mention of "The Lord and Lady". Some of the spells involve saying psalms and biblical verses. Practices of the old way have a lot in common with Hoodoo.

The use of biblical verses is used in both practices. Spell crafts that involve the use of wood, animals parts and stones are also used. Bags sewn with material, which in Hoodoo is called gris gris bags are used as well. He can be called on to curse and to bless. To get in initiated into some branches of the craft one must run 9 times around a "logging stone" and then a toad will appear and breathe on the initiate and they will have great powers.

Another initiation is to run around a church 9 times saying the Lords Prayer backwards. After which the Devil will appear in the form of a toad. Witches deems toads a blessing and will try to keep many of them in their garden, if they can. Toads are well fed and looked after. Non witches are paranoid of toads and they seem to feel that a witch can take the form of a toad. Which is why if a toad appears on your doorstep you may be cursed. This caused many people to kill toads.

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Some stories say that after the toad dies so does the witch. Spell crafts are used for health, healing, love,protection, counter cursing and cursing people. There is no "harm ye none" if you can heal then you can curse. Beside herbs, woods and animal parts the craft makes use of magic squares, sigils and inscribed prayers. If you want an authentic look into the craft of old then this is a great book to get. Apr 24, Sam rated it did not like it. It seems incredible that books claiming to be ye olde witchcraft fool so many people.

This one is yet another attempt to create a Cornish witchcraft that has in fact never existed in the county. More so,the whole Traditional brand of witchcraft was invented in the s. The majority of books on the subject have attempted to copy the style of Andrew Chumbley whose Azoetia and,more fittingly here,The Grimoire of the Golden Toad,started th It seems incredible that books claiming to be ye olde witchcraft fool so many people. The majority of books on the subject have attempted to copy the style of Andrew Chumbley whose Azoetia and,more fittingly here,The Grimoire of the Golden Toad,started the whole genre.

It is of note how,since Chumbleys death,we find the sudden appearance of books and websites laying claim to some form of witchcraft guising under the vague 'Tradition'. This term is used in attempt to fool the non-Initiated into believing the writings are not part of modern Wicca. It is here well to remember that the founder of Traditional Witchcraft-Robert Cochrane was a member of a coven ran by the inventor of Wicca itself. Gary has stated that her works contain the type of witchcraft recorded by the antiquarians Hunt,Bottrell and William Paynter.

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The problem here is that those recordings were at best folkloric or worse,complete fabrications. There is no evidence of any Cornish witchcraft in history though the charms,folk remedies and superstitions of the county are found in tourist books throughout the area. This must suggest anything other than that must be modern invention with words from the Cornish language being used to give an old feel to the claims.

For example,the Bucca-claimed to be synonymous with a pagan Horned God was in fact commonly used by parents to frighten children into good behaviour equivalent to the Bogey man of other regions. As a compendium of folklore remedies,maledictions and charms Gary's books are fine. For those who wish to actually practice witchcraft they are worthless but harmless.

Aug 09, Kass rated it really liked it Shelves: owned , witch-and-pagan , traditional-occultism. To preface, the traditional witchcraft that I'm familiar with is very different in nature than the West Country witchcraft Gemma Gary speaks of, likely this is why I haven't read any of her work before. Regarding solely the organization, the way she intersperses her discussions of folk remedies with the history relating to that folk remedy and the reasons for its use is nice.

Up until the end I wasn't to To preface, the traditional witchcraft that I'm familiar with is very different in nature than the West Country witchcraft Gemma Gary speaks of, likely this is why I haven't read any of her work before.