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A full nose outline with lowered profile is ideal for penetrating chop in rough conditions as well as reducing cross-wind interference.

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Rail edges in the rear of the board are slightly rounded and combined with a relaxed tail rocker for minimal drag. The Peak series of surf-specific paddleboards are the result of years of testing and refining to find the ideal blend of outline, rocker profile, volume distribution, bottom contour, fin placement and foil. The result is an all-conditions design with the stability needed to make paddling enjoyable without losing true wave performance.

With the speed you need on softer open-face waves and the looseness required in steeper, tighter pockets, the Peak series delivers on the promise of maximum fun regardless of the size or shape of the waves you ride.

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Featuring light weight carbon innegra construction and available in four sizes for riders of all sizes and skill levels. The Peak Wide series offers a more user-friendly and stable platform while maintaining the surf performance our Peak series is known for.

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Instead of simply adding volume and width, which can result in a stable yet unresponsive board, we custom tailored the foil and rocker outline to match the wider templates of these models. This allows the board to still hold rail even in tighter pocket waves and still maintain speed and maneuverability on the open face. Validation time: Jan 30, pm Downloads: Validation time: Sep 19, pm Downloads: Validation time: Jun 20, pm Downloads: Validation time: May 13, pm Downloads: French 1.

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Schaeffler products facilitate and shape mobility - as they have been doing for decades. We have also continued the development of our expertise from "basic" components to complete system solutions.

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We work to bring about the technologies of the future and, in doing so, create the basis for our innovations to make tomorrow's worldwide mobility even better than it is today. Megatrends and future markets — what are the best investment strategies?

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