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Fabrizio Valenza rated it liked it Jun 20, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About Simona Chiodo. Figaro, who was duped as much as the Count, then made a noise, and the Count sent the supposed Susanna into the pavilion on the right, expecting to join her ere long. Susanna managed to meet Figaro. But the cunning barber soon looked through her disguise, and then took an active part in the joke, by addressing her as the Countess, in passionate language. This was well done; for the Count overheard him, and seized him by the collar. Susanna ran into the pavilion on the left.

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The Count then, without releasing his hold on Figaro, called his servants and guests, who came in large numbers with lights and torches, and bade them to be witnesses of his dishonor. After disposing of Cherubino and Barbarina, who were also in the left hand pavilion, he dragged out the supposed Countess, who fell down on her knees before him, imploring his forgiveness. But the Count acted the enraged husband in good earnest. Suddenly the real Countess appeared from the pavilion on the right. The Count must be supposed to be forever healed from his jealousy, and become more faithfully attached than ever before to his Rosina.

Entrano Bartolo e Marcellina, con un contratto in mano, sequiti da Susanna, che ascolta al fondo. Senza riserva, tutto a me palesate. Enter Bartolo and Marcellina, with a Contract in her hand, followed by Susanna, who listens at the back. But why have you awaited the day fixed for the marriage ere you mention this matter? I have broken a marriage much more advanced than this is; for slander often, if well aimed, can work wonders. Know, this contract is not all—basta!

Ma Susanna si avanza. E quella buona perla lo vorebbe sposar. E poi—. But Susanna is coming. Really, madam, you grow worse than ever. Entra Cherubino. O caro! Io non tel rendero che colla vita! Eh, via! Leggila alla Padrona—leggila tu, medesma—leggila a Barbarina, a Marcellina—leggila ad ogni donna del palazzo. Enter Cherubino. His lordship found me alone this morning with our Barbarina, and dismissed me his service. You will see me no more? You breathe no longer your sighs for her in secret?

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Dear ribbon! Oh, be contented. In recompense, my dearest, I will give you this song of my composing. Read it unto the Countess—read it yourself, Susanna—read it to every damsel in the palace. Entra il Conte Almaviva. Signor, io chiedo scusa. Due parole. Parla, parla, mia cara! Oh me, infelice! Susanna lo copre colla vesta, che ha recata. Entra Basilio. Oh cielo! E quella canzonetta! E per voi, per Madama?

A proposito, figlia, instruitelo meglio. Enter Count Almaviva. Surely, surely, my charmer!

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My greatest pleasure is to grant your requests, what form soever taking. Then speak them, my dearest! Pray leave me to myself; favor I ask not, nor have I claims upon you. Ah me, unhappy! No, no, Susanna. I wish to make you happy. You well know how I love you; surely. Basilio of this has told you. Susanna then throws the dress over the latter.

Enter Basilio. Indeed, sir! There you are wrong; it follows not in logic that he who loves the wife is foe to the husband. And how his lordship loves you! Away, thou odious pander to the vice of another, for I despise you; preach your morals and logic to people like yourself. Yes, Cherubino—cherubim of goodness—who was observed this morning slily lurking in the passage to this room. You know my friendship—I would never reveal it. Apropos of the Page, now; he is much too incautious. Often at table his looks betray his passion—understand, for the Countess.

Nay, what injustice! I but say as others; nor do I add a syllable to what is talked on all sides. Entra Figaro. Partite tosto, Addio. Io vo parlarti pria che tu parti.

Away, then. In his terror he hid then where you found him. Enter Figaro. Well, well, you are forgiven. Away, and quickly. I wish to give a word of advice, sir. Entra Susanna. O, il Signor Conte non fa tai complimenti colle donne mie pari; egli venne a contratto di danari. Come lo sono i moderni mariti.

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Per sistema infedeli, per genio capricciosi, e per orgoglio, poi tutti gelosi. Entra Figaro, cantante. A voi non tocca, stare in pena per questo!

Alfin di che si tratta? Al Signor Conte piace la sposa mia. Non vi basta, che scherzando io ci pensi? Ecco il progetto. Aspetta; al Conte farai subito dir, che verso sera attendati in giardino; il picciol Cherubino, per mio consiglio non ancor partito, da femmina vestito, faremo che in sua vece ivi sen vada.

Quanto duolmi, Susanna, che questo giovinetto abbia del Conte le stravaganze udito! Eccola appunto, facciam che si la canti. Via presio la canzone, che stamane a me deste—a madama cantate. Enter Susanna. Your modern husbands all act in this fashion. They are on system faithless, changeful from disposition, while from their pride, child, they are no less jealous.

But, if Figaro loves thee, by his assistance—. Enter Figaro, singing. Contented; so be it. Trust me, there is no better way. Why, the Count is gone hunting, and until nightfall will scarce think of returning.

Romance of Moresca

Why, then— [ Singing. Ah, never give me that title so detested; it still reminds me that I must needs abandon my dear and kind protectress. Ah, you deluder! But now, sir, for the ballad which this morning you gave me—sing it, pray, to the Countess. Lasciatemi veder. Entri, che mal facciamo? Una mi cuffia prendi nel gabinetto—presto. Now let me see. We are equal in stature. Doff your mantle. Why, you can take a head-dress of mine from yonder closet [ To Cherubino, as Susanna goes to the cabinet. Behold it! Il mio sposo— [ Si alzano agitati. Son morta! Non trovo altro consiglio.

Ad ogni modo voi non siete tranquilla. Susanna esce dalla sua camera [Editor: illegible word] una vesta, ed ascolta indietre. E vero; io sbaglio. Voi la condiscendenza di venir meco avrete—Madama, eccovi il braccio. Complete his transformation. Tuck up his sleeves, now, above his elbows, I play you, so that the dress may sit upon him with grace and lightness. A little higher. My husband! This way alone is left me.

Certain dresses. What noise is that in yonder room? Enter Susanna, with a dress over her arm, who listens at the back of the stage, and observes what is passing. I ask no longer; I can do without you. Pray be so condescending as to come with me a moment; my arm is quite at your service. Rientra il Conte chi porta in mano una leva.

Oh, see the little devil, how he scampers! Let us not waste the time, though. Come my lord when he pleases, there will I await him. Re-enter the Count, carrying a crowbar, accompanied by the Countess. Pray you forbear, sir, and attend for a moment, do you think I could ever to my duty be false? This is the meeting hinted at in the letter. Susanna esce dal gabinetto, con aria grave ed ironica. Viene Antonio mezzo ubbriaco, portando un vaso di viole, co' gambi schiacciati. Parlate; [ Ad Antonio. Ah, che testa! Entrano Marcellina, Basilio, e Bartolo.

Susanna enters from the Cabinet, with a look of ironica gravity. Antonio enters, intoxicated, carrying in his hand a flowerpot of violets, with their stems broken. Speak out, then. How forgetful! Enter Marcellina, Basilio, and Bartolo. Signor, la vostra sposa ha i soliti vapori e vi chiede il vasetto degli odori. Count and Susanna. E vero, e vero; mi prometti poi. In qual laccio cadea! Well thought of—well thought of; and, then, you truly promise we shall meet in the garden?

But, now, the Countess waits for the smelling-bottle. In what a snare had I fallen! Son gentiluomo! E, sopra tutto questo, al mio braccio impresso geroglifico. Entra Susanna, con una borsa di denari in mano, e lo trattiene. Entra la Contessa, guardando intorno anziosamente. Enter Susanna, with a purse in her hand, meeting the Count, and stopping him. Enter the Countess, looking about anxiously. Entra il Conte, sequito da Antonia col cappello da ufiziale di Cherubino in mano. Entrano la Contessa e Susanna, che vengono insieme.

Piano, che meglio or lo porremo in gabbia!